Israel-Iran Tension:  Will Iran retaliate soon?

As in news today morning Israel attacked Iran’s mission in Syria. I just felt like looking at the Astrological chart of Iran and Israel.

I have mentioned several times over years, the Mundane Astrology Charts that are created at the times of Solar and Lunar eclipses provide hints about the occurrences that are going to take place in that year.  Although I am not an expert in Mundane Astrology, but I have noted   whenever Eclipse involves Luminaries (Sun and Moon), Saturn and Mars or Ascendant  in Natal chart, something extremelysignificant happens to  that country for which we have casted the Astrological chart

Iran Foundation Day Chart is based on 1 Apr 1979, 15:00 hours Tehran, Iran.      

 I was awe stuck to notice the forthcoming Solar Eclipse of 8 April 2024 in Pisces would occur in the 8th house of Iran’s Foundation Day Chart and  that over Natal  Sun, Mercury and Mars.  In addition  I have already mentioned in my previous posts in detail the effects of the Solar Eclipse, Mars and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that would take place on 11 April 2024, etc.  I have noticed the forthcoming Solar Eclipse would take place  in Iran’s 8th House and over Natal Ketu and Venus.

Israel Foundation Day Chart is based on 14 May 1948, 16:00 hours, Tel Aviv, Israel .  

Solar eclipse would take place in th 7th House of Wars and Diplomacy in D1 andD9 charts, hence contaminated these areas.  Mars-Saturn conduction  would take place in the 6th house of enemies and 8th house form Natal Moon on 11 April 2024, all configuration indicating War like scenario


When Can we expect Iran to retaliate?

This is just a research paper.  As at today Moon will traverse from Aquarius, over Mars, Saturn, then ingress Pisces, meet Venus and get involved in Solar Eclipse, then further move on to Aries, meet Jupiter and Uranus and then move on to Taurus on 11-12 April 2024. Not to forget, on 11 April 2024, Mars and Saturn would conjunct Aquarius

My feeling is the above configuration suggests   Iran would retaliate anytime soon between Today 5 April 2024 to 12 April 2024 (11 April 2024: Moon conjuncts Uranus).   Iran will retaliate with heavy  and sudden shelling  between 5 and 12 April 2024 (plus minus 2 days)


It is important to take notice that this would plant further seeds for the World War III to occur by the end of this decade or the beginning of the following decade.  

Furthermore, I have suggested on various times in the past that as soon as Saturn reaches Rohini Nakshatra in June of 2030, we will have the prospect of seeing World War III sometime between May and July 2030.



Ravinder Grover 

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