Solar Eclipse and a ‘Krodhi’ Hindu New Year

(8 Apr 2024- 29 Mar 2025)  – World Forecast 



the Hindu New Year ‘Krodhi’


Attention and Adaptation”

  1. Chaitra Amavasya-2024 (Moon conjuncts Sun in Pisces sign) is on Monday   (8 April 2024,  23:50 hours, New Delhi, India)   at 25-12 deg in Pisces sign.Technically speaking Hindu New Year starts from the following Sunrise and   spans till  the next Chaitra Amavasya-2025 that would fall on 29 Mar 2025.  I have noted one should make the Astrological chart of both Chaitra Amavasya  and  the following Sunrise time for the desires place.
  1. This Hindu Year is called ‘Krodhi’ which signifies ‘anger and wrathful’. It is said  Krodhi year brings much sufferings associated with violence, aggression, lust, deceit, pride, self-righteousness, and greed.  You may explore history and events to learn about Krodhi years like 1964-1965, 1904-1905, 1844-1845, and others.
  1. In other words, the humanity may embark into a demanding & challenging’  time this year that seems to be  Fiery, Intense and Volatile’  in nature
  1. Solar Eclipses, according to Astrology, indicate approaching change. They produce instability and trigger global events.  They may also reflect significant events in a person’s chart.   These events may be beneficial or detrimental, depending on the position of all planets at the time of the eclipse and how the eclipse aligns with the planets in a country’s or individual’s horoscope.  On the positive note, eclipses encourage spiritual growth. They are ideal for introspection, contemplation, and meditation.They are indicators of change, therefore they represent submission to the divine and detachment from the physical world.That explains why it is advised that you eat light and be more contemplative and insightful during eclipse periods.


5. Forthcoming Solar Eclipse also occurs on 8 April 2024 in Revati Nakshatra Pisces sign.

  • Revati is the last nakshatra and a nakshatra of deep change and transformation. Although the latter half of Pisces is connected with endings, we must remember that an end also represents the start of something new.
  • Revati is associated with food, the supply system, refugees, and people in trouble. Please note, the world-wide food crisis, exacerbated by regional wars and political persecutions, has put millions of people at risk, and will lead to mass migrations in 2024
  • The Deity for Revati is Pushan, who cares for travellers and spirits leaving this world for the spiritual realm. He is also the animal carer. Just my thoughts, to get away from the negative side of the Eclipse, involve yourselves in Good deeds, may be in synch with Pushan, may be please take care of old/sick people who seem to be  getting close to their death as one way. Another way to go for Pilgrimage or may be become  compassionate to animals is the other way

6. Whenever the Solar Eclipse and the Hindu New Year are virtually occurring at the same time, this indicates that the forthcoming year will be filled with significant occurrences, as well as a great lot of unrest and turmoil all over the globe, more strongly in Canada,  Mexico and US where the Solar Eclipse  will be visible and would have the maximum affect. Although Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India but Sun and Moon will be heavily afflicted anyway for everyone

7.. This Total Solar Eclipse would last for 4 minutes and 28 seconds, this would be the longest and most noticeable in the United States in 100 years. This will be an important astronomical event.

8.. It has also been observed whenever Solar Eclipses occur in Pisces sign and especially coinciding the Hindu  Lunar New Year, the following events may take place, such as

  • a pattern of terrorist attacks
  • Natural Disasters such as Earthquake, Tsunami Clouds Bursts, etc
  • water elements will be active  in the form of cyclone, heavy rains, Tsunami, etc may cause huge damage to the lives and properties
  • mass casualties and disasters (particularly those involving water elements, floods, drowning, ships, waterways and oceans)
  • political unrest and assassinations
  • rebellions and riots
  • militarization and wars
  • financial crises
  • water elements in the form of cyclone, heavy rains, Tsunami, etc may cause huge damage to the lives and properties
  • Cyber Crime on rise

 As a matter of fact, several occurrences could take place anytime  ranging from six months before or after the Solar Eclipse


9.  To predict the possible events in the forthcoming New Year, one may use several techniques, such as use of Chaitra Amavasya Chart and deduce the Celestial Council for the year, then study their nature and roles that play for one year, coupling this with the Chart of the first Sunrise. To make it more precise readings, one must also analyse Foundation Day chart of the country coupled with the Chart of the Ruling Party as well as chart of the Ruling Leader.

10.  But I would try to keep things very simple here. Let us first just look at the, The CelestialCouncil or The Planetary Council for New Hindu New Year called ‘Krodhi’ from 8 Apr 2024 to 29 March 2025  would be as follows:


PositionLord for the PositionSun ingresses inNew Delhi, India
1King  (Lord of Chaitra Pratipada)MarsMon, 8 April 2024, 23:50 hours
2MinisterSaturnAriesSat, 13 Apr 2024, 21:15 hours
3Meghesh (Lord of Weather and RainsVenusArdraFri, , 21 June 2024, 23:33 hours
4Sasyesh (Lord of 4 months Crops)MarsCancerTue, 16 July 2024, 11:29 hours
5Durgesh (Lord of Security and Defence)VenusLeoFri, 16 Aug 2024, 19:54 hours
6Dhanesh(Lord of Wealth and Treasure)MondayVirgoMon, 16 Sep 2024, 19:53 hours
7Rasesh (Lord of Gur, Sugar and Juices)JupiterLibraThu, 17 Oct 2024, 7:52 hours


8Dhanyesh (Lord of winter crops)SunSagittariusSun, 15 Dec 2024, 22:19 hours
9Neersesh (Lord  of all trades such as metals)MarsCapricornTue,14 Jan 2025, 9:03 hours
10Falesh (Lord of Fruits and Flowers)VenusPiscesWed, 14 March 2025, 18:59 hours


11 . Very important point to note here is Mars is the King for the year and  Saturn is the Minister of the year and they   are mutual enemies and both are in  Aquarius sign. This combination itself is very Dreadful

Let us first understand the significations of these two malefices:

  • Mars stands for Defence, Disputes, Aggression, Military Operations, Crime, Wars, Defence, Land, Violence, Manufacturing and Industries, Accidents, Rebellious attacks, Farmers, Miners, Political fanatics, National Intelligence Agencies, Ammunition, Applied Energy of the whole nation, Drastic changes in law and reforms, Emergency sort of scenario.  Mars also rules houses 1 and 8 in the Natural Zodiac
  • Saturn stands for farmers, low-caste leaders, civil servants, hard-working jobs with low pay, worker leadership, government positions, labour and labour-oriented industries, oil drilling and refining, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, construction, earth moving/road construction, labourers, and employment. It controls mining and low-tech industries.   Saturn also rules houses 10 and 11 in the Natural Zodiac
  • Aquarius is called the zodiac sign of Groups, Close Associates, Religious, Spiritual and Holy places


12. 2-24 April 2024: Mercury is Retrograde and becomes worst and in Fallen state from 10 April 2024

  • Communication issues
  • Cyber Crime
  • Transactions frauds
  • Challenging Though process
  • militarization and wars cannot be ruled out
  • Lack of control on speech
  • Malfunction of Electronics/Communication Devices
  • Natural Disaster, such as Earthquake, Tsunami, Clouds Bursts, Cyclones, extremely active Water and Air elements


13. 8 April 2024: The Solar Eclipse would take place in Revati Nakshatra Pisces sign at 25-12 degrees. This would  contaminate Pisces sign and also spoil all the planets who are getting aspected  including depositor Jupiter


14.   11 April 2024: Mars and Saturn would be in conjunction in Aquarius sign, also known as they would be Planetary War between two planets. Here going deeply,   Saturn would be in Debilitation in Aries Navamsa, hence losing the planetary conflict and becomes weakened or say drained. Mars and Saturn form a violent conjunction. However, the issue is, “Powerful for what?” Is it beneficial or destructive?

  • A destructive Mars/Saturn combination may destroy and demolish, but a constructive combination can create, rebuild, and protect.
  • Because of the world’s strain and stress, we should expect rage, war, irritation, and protests around this time.This might result in large-scale global events.
  • Despite the fact that this signifies division and struggle, it also represents discoveries and development, particularly in the fields of health and science.
  • Just my observations, the above mentioned transit  would be above the natal Moon in the in the 8th house from the natal Moon in India Independence Day  Chart  as well as  over  the natal Moon of  the USA foundation chart, which may have a severe effect on both nations’ bilateral ties for sometime


15. This configuration would setup a signature for the year ahead, making the forthcoming year very ‘Tense and Challenging’ for the entire World.  What we do with that tension and how do we handle it would  be extremely important.

16. 19 April 2024: Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Krittika-Aries

  • Jupiter signifies Expansion and Conciousness
  • Uranus signifies ‘Sudden, Revolution, Reblleious, Riots, Sudden Blows, Transformative actions, etc’
  • Unexpected developments
  • We can break out of old, repeated patterns with the help of clever ideas, inventions, and developments that come as a surprise
  • Rebellion and protests are likely to rise
  • In short, this is also indicative of the advancement of scientific knowledge and a strong need for independence. In the near future, there will be new discoveries made 



  • Jupiter’s force of expansion and prosperity mixes with Uranus’ Sudden Events influence, resulting in unexpected changes in economies and the financial sector
  • Jupiter, the planet of Law and Justice, paired with Uranus, the planet of Independence, will result in more rogue verdicts from judges.


18. 19 – 27 May 2024: Furious Mars would transit the  Eclipse Point and potentially do much harm to the entire Globe, such as

  • Considerable increase in the number of violent Military Conflicts
  • War like scenario
  • Conflict amongst nations has the potential to take a very terrible turn.
  • Spark religious disputes
  • Violent acts against women in some major nations
  • Man-made Disasters
  • Terror attacks
  • Sabotage
  • Natural Disasters. Water and Air elements would play a significant role. I would expect Heavy rains, cloud bursts, Cyclone, Floods, Earth quakes, Ice may melt at the faster rate,  Floods,
  • Secrecy and/or Spies at work
  • Rise in Inflation
  • Slowdown of Economy in most parts of the world
  • War and crime would escalate 
  • Risk of Nuclear War
  • Political Scandals at peak
  • Disputes related with Religion, Spirituality and Holy places
  • Revelation of hidden secrets
  • The stock market may be in chaos
  • Underground efforts to destabilise countries
  • Health of powerful people will be in danger
  • Socio-political instability
  • Military Actions
  • Possible assassination attempt of the Leader


A Solar Eclipse brings a change of consciousness. As a matter of fact, hidden layer of Karma may surface up anytime  ranging from six months to one year, even sometimes before the Eclipse



19. 19 May 2024: Mars will shake hands with Rahu in Aquarius sign.   Action orientated Mars will get ignited with Rahu’s aspirations.

  • Rahu as a ‘Chaya Graha’  stands for innovation, mass media, manipulation, unrealistic, ambition driver, what is hidden, secret, crooked government that works behind the scenes. During Rahu’s Dasa     these kinds of clouds can also become clearer for people who want to see them.
  • In Mundane astrology, Rahu represents immigration, migrants, outsiders, and untouchables; debts; upheaval; politics, secret deals, plots, and assassinations; chemicals and poisoning; health epidemics (like cancer and viral pandemics); banishment; tyranny; war; violence; strikes; technology; space travel and aeronautics; litigation; and mass media, advertising, and public relations. Hold onto your hats as Rahu stirs the turbulent waters and provides fresh and uncommon evolutionary difficulties and chances.
  • Aggressive improvement in Artificial Intelligence field would be seen

        Please Note this time frame is very volatile for the entire World. 


20.  5-9 July 2024: Pisces sign would be under Papakrati Yoga with  Saturn-R in 25-12 deg  and Mars in 25-12 deg Aries with   Rahu also trapped in between.  Only God knows what may happen around that time.   It seems Highly Volatile and aggressive period. This could be: 

  1. Bombing
  2. Fire due to Gas
  3. Electrocution
  4. War
  5. Terror Attack
  6. Property Damage
  7. Country’s Security
  8. Possible attack on the National Leader
  9. Mass Massacre
  10. Underwater/Secret  blasts


21. Let us look at the other Celestial Council members or the  Planetary Council portfolios and what do they indicate:

Sun –  Dhaanesh (Lord of winter corps).

Sun is the natural ruler of the Solar System, known as a Political King too.  He had been offered the portfolio     of Grains.

  • Hence the Ruling party would take some concrete progressive agriculture related steps
  • Sun with Rahu in Pisces indicates Underearth, under water and/or archaeological secrets, gases, oils etc  may be revealed
  • Some long hidden secrets may come out

MoonDhanesh (Lord of Wealth and Treasure).

  • Moon is with Rahu and Venus, there Rahu would induce desires to achieve a great heights, but how could Moon do that as she is combust and Trapped with Rahu.
  • Please note The Moon, symbolic of water, maternity, nourishment, and milk, among other things, would assume a secondary role.
  • People may not be able to afford healthy food/diet worldwide
  • Carbonated or Packed drinks/juices may cause poisonous effects
  • In Natural Moon is the lord of 4th house, indicating Property related issues may rise

Mars – The King (Leader of the Ruling Party)  holds 2 extra portfolios Sasyesh (Lord of corps) and Neeresh (Lord of all Trades and Metals). 

  • King will face many challenges from all over but no one will be able to destroy him.
  • Remember this is the Year of ‘Krodhi’ and Mars is the natural signification of Krodhi (Anger).
  • He will get his work done through a different Avatar

Saturn – Minister.

  • Saturn is the Lord of Karma, Discipline, Patience, Farmers, Labour class, Structure, Hard work,
  • Saturn with Mars indicates some issues with all of these.

Mars and Saturn combined effects:

It seems Mars (King or the ruling Party Leader) would make Saturn (Minister) go through a challenging time.   Everyone would have to work extremely hard this year if to escape the fury of Mars, the King

Note: At the time of Chaitra Pratipada, Saturn is in Aries Navamsa, hence losing its strength.  I believe Mars will take over Saturn. Hence:

  • If I look into Indian Politics, I believe the Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi would  be seen in a different Avatar, taking tough, aggressive and     concrete decisions  despite of any opposition to him.  He would do that in the national interest
  • Mars and Saturn are bitter enemies and Saturn will feel drained. Not to forget, the Year’s name is Krodhi too.  Possible the Prime Minister will be extremely upset and angry over some issues
  • Government programmes and changes that are good for everyone will always be met with resistance from people who are dishonest and have strong interests.
  • Some laws may be passed by the government on behalf of the people, but as usual the opposing parties will   oppose them
  • It is expected that law enforcement will be more alert this year, and the judges will have a lot of work to do.
  • I believe Saturn (Minister) will have to listen to Mars (King or the Prime Minister). Why? In Natural zodiac, Aquarius is the sign of ‘Collectiveness’, ‘Close associates’.

Venus – Durgesh (Lord of Security and Defence) and Meghesh (Lords Weather and Rains).

  • Venus has 2 portfolios.
  • Venus is exalted in Pisces and is with Rahu.
  • Venus is Shukra-Acharaya, the Guru of demon Rahu. Rahu feels safe in Guru’s proximity.
  • How about Guru giving some directions to his disciples regarding ‘Security and Defence’.
  • Mind you, Rahu acts in a Subtle and Secret manner. Hence, secret  efforts to make other countries less stable will also keep going
  • Rahu also stands for Diplomatic moves, manipulations, foreign element, Forensics in nature, Research orientated too.
  • When it comes to matters of national security and the general public’s interest, the government is going to be very tough and unyielding.

MercuryDhanesh(Lord of Wealth and Treasure) and Falesh (Lord of Fruits and Flowers).

  • Mercury is natural significator of Intellect, Media, Publications, Communications, etc too.
  • Mercury would be Retrograde and would be fallen from 10 April 2024 till 24 April 2024. I expect problems in its significations during this time.
  • Watch your Thoughts , Words and Deeds
  • Media will be unbelievable
  • Communication devices may be hacked

JupiterRasesh (Lord of Gur, Sugar and Juices).

  • Jupiter is the Teacher, Guru, Healer, Advisor, Finance, etc as well. Some significant effects shall be seen in these areas
  • More people will turn towards Hinduism and Vedantism


22. USA – Mexico – Canada: In addition to the above, here are some more thoughts on the Solar Eclipse in the USA, Mexico, and Canada, where visibility is higher.

Please note 5 Eclipses (3 Solar and 2 Lunar) are going to take place within next 1 Hindu Year till 29 Mar 2025, and all 5 Eclipses would affect USA, Mexico and Canada

One would appreciate that we often do not have access to the true data of leaders, and sometimes even nations. As a result, for the bulk of the countries, I have relied heavily on the Independence Day Chart and Chaitra Amavasya Charts. In addition to the ones described above, Here are  a few more sentences about each country.

USA: Charts used:

  • USA Foundation Day: 4 Jul 1776, 18:30 hours, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Chaitra Amavasya 2024: 8 Apr 2024, 13:21:17 hours, Washington DC, USA
  • Total Eclipse Chart: 8 Apr 2024, 14:20 hours, Washington DC, USA

 Possible Events in USA :

  • Water & Air elements active (due Solar Eclipse in water sign and close to Gandanta)
  • Political instability
  • Economic slows down further
  • Social situations may deteriorate
  • Terror attacks
  • National Tragedy
  • Mass Deaths possibly due to Fire arms
  • Children may be affected. (as its Cancer Rising at the time of the Solar Eclipse and Moon stands for children and is badly placed in the chart)
  • Major Political Scandals (10th House afflicted)
  • Enormous expenditures on war.
  • Rise in Inflation
  • USA debt my increase many fold


Mexico: Charts used:

  • Chaitra Amavasya 2024: 8 Apr 2024, 13:20 hours, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Mexico Foundation Day: 8 Jul 1325, 10:44hours, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Total Solar Eclipse: 8 Apr 2024, 10:54 hours – 13:36 hours, Mexico City, Mexico

Possible Events in Mexico:

  • Political development indeed
  • New Leader may take command
  • Possible National Tragedy



Canada: Charts used

  • Canada Foundation Day: 1 Jul 2867, 00:00 hours, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Chaitra Amavasya: 8 April 2024, 14:20 hours, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Total Solar Eclipse: 8 Apr 2024, 14:11 hours – 16:34 hours, Ottawa
  • Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau): 25 Dec 1971, 21:25 hours, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

 Possible Events in Canada:

  • Diplomatic crisis will increase
  • Economy will slow down further
  • Chances of Civil war

Political Scandal and/or Crisis cannot be ruled out

  • Protests
  • Deep Trouble for the Prime Minister, Mr Justin Trudeau. (Interestingly Solar Eclipse would take place in Pisces over Justin Trudeau’s Moon in 8th House). This has the potential to give health problems to him . If King is sick the entire Nation suffers, hence Canada may get into more trouble under his leadership. Justin Trudeau will see a decline in popularity, may be forced to step down from his position within this New Hindu Year Krodhin
  • Relations between India and Canada  will become much more strained.


  • I would strongly suggest to everyone  to  KEEP AWAY from Water Elements such as Water Falls, Rivers, Oceans, Swimming Pools, etc  and avoid ‘Large Crowds as well for next 2 months

  • Natural Disasters, such as Earthquake, Tsunami, Cloud Bursts, Melting of Ice,  Underground activities, etc are on its way anytime from 2 April 2024 onwards.

  • Everyone  would need to  work harder to maintain equilibrium and navigate through this Challenging Year



Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever