Jupiter Retrograde in  Aries (5 Sep 2023 – 1 Jan 2024)

What You Need to Know?

The term “Retrograde” literally means “Travelling back over” a region of the zodiac that has been travelled over before; hence, the overarching concept is “Going back to the past.”  

When a planet is in retrograde, we get a healthy dose of the introspection, reflection, redefinition, and problem-solving that characterises its influence. In other words, during the time of Retrogradation, we have the opportunity to re-orient ourselves in relation to changes that have already taken place in the world around us. It is advisable  to keep the number of changes you make to a manageable level.   

As at today, 3 Sep 2023,  Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in Retrograde motion. Venus would become direct from retrograde motion from 4 Sep 2023 and within a day or so,    Jupiter would go Retrograde from 5 Sep 2023.  Please be aware, this month of September 2023 may bring  lot of challenges and changes. Let me put in simple words, September  2023 is a month that requires a lot of adjustment on your part.  Here is  also the opportunity, if there is anything you can re-evaluate and improve, you should work on it right now.  

Note: Please take note  it is wise to keep your thoughts, feelings, and wants, etc., strictly under the leash of your intellect. And examine your motivations thoroughly before making any choice.

To be precise, Mercury started its Retrograde motion on 24 Aug 2023 and would remain so till 16 Sep 2023, but its progressive results may come after 30 Sep 2023.  Mercury is the planetary ruler of logic, linear thought, and good judgement. Speech, writing, the media, computers, and messaging are all within Mercury’s sphere of influence. The planet Mercury rules over all commercial and mercantile endeavours.  One may experience challenges with Mercury’s significations as discussed above

Saturn started its Retrograde motion on 18 June 2023 and will continue till 4 Nov 2023.  I have written about Saturn Retrograde earlier too, just to tell you in a nutshell, Saturn in retrograde compels us to take stock of what is not working in our lives without getting caught up in illusion. Saturn retrograde may also indicate neglect of duties. It may bring out the traits such as feeling rejected, being sad, renunciation, living as a monk, separating yourself from others,   rejecting others so you won’t be rejected, etc. Saturn is the planet of limits and regulations,  some would stand up in oppression and defend their liberties.   

Coming back to Jupiter, it retrogrades in Aries sign from 5 Sep 2023 to 1 Jan 2024 for 118 days.  When Jupiter, the planet of Wisdom, Expansion, Prosperity, Belief system and  Opportunities goes back to the past. As per Vedic Astrology, it is said,  this is an excellent opportunity for ‘Introspection, Assessment, and development’. It will not be out of place to say that it is a good time  to review and for obtain Wisdom From the Past.  Generally speaking during its retrograde period the prosperity promised by Jupiter may be delayed in the future months. Here is the time line for Jupiter’s retrogradation:

  • Jupiter Retrogrades in Aries: 5 Sep 2023 (21-24 deg)  to 1 Jan 2024 (11-23 deg)
  • Jupiter-R in Aries with Rahu and Uranus  and in Bharani Nakshatra: 5 Sep 2023(21-24 deg) – 27 Nov 2023 (13-20 deg)
  • Jupiter-R in Aries- Ashwini Nakshatra: 27 Nov 2023(13-20 deg) – 1 Jan 2024


Generally Speaking Retrograde Jupiter in Aries sign encourages the followings:

  1. Review your Leadership skills: During this period, you may make you review  your leadership style, authority, and how you take control in your life especially when it is related to Profession, Finance and Relationships.
  2. Driven Objectives: The sign of Aries is associated with testing the waters of new endeavours and plotting one’s course for the future. During this time, it’s advisable to reflect on and maybe adjust your earlier intentions and objectives.
  3. Self-Regulation: Jupiter by nature stimulates expansion. During this period, you may need to be a bit more cautious, particularly in matters of Finance and Personal commitment. You may be inspire to take a more measured attitude to plan out   future actions. It is the about time to reflect on your past intentions and goals and see if there’s anything you want to change.
  4. Go inwards: This seems to be the ideal time to go inwards and search for the answers related with the purpose of life. Listening to the Inner Voice may reveal the higher purpose of your life.     
  5. Optimism in Action: Jupiter strengthens the hopeful tendencies already present in Aries. Be aware, during this period you may become overconfidence instead of being realistically optimistic. it is important to maintain  good equilibrium between enthusiasm and proper and knowledge.


5 Sep 2023 – 27 Nov 2023: Jupiter would Retrograde in Aries  sign  with Rahu and in Bharani Nakshatra during this time line.  This portion of Zodiac is controlled by Mars and Venus.  Bharani rules Yoni or Vulva.   Bharani  controlled by Yama (God of Death). I would say some sort of issues related with females’ yoni, may be something to do with abortions cannot be ruled out.  

27 Nov 2023 – 1 Jan 2024: Jupiter would be in Aries sign Ashwini Nakshatra, ruled by Mars and Ketu

Venus is just coming out of Retrogradation and from Fallen state on 4 Sep 2023.  Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu signify

  • Finance,
  • Relationships
  • Values
  • Partnerships
  • Pleasure of the senses
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Glamour Industry
  • Stock Market (also affected by Mercury Mars retrograde)
  • Kidneys, Bladder and Genitals (controlled by Venus)
  • Diabetes, Liver, Pancreas, etc (Controlled by Jupiter)
  • Accidents, Cuts, Wounds (controlled by Mars)
  • Cancer, Undiagnosed disease, Virus (controlled by Rahu-Ketu)
  • Morality, Faith, Religion, Spirituality

At Individual Level:

  • If any of your birth planets are in the sign of Aries, Jupiter going backwards over them will make significant effects on their keywords as listed above.
  • If you happen to have conditions like diabetes, pancreas, liver issues, cancer, or obesity, it’s important to be extra cautious during this time. Take good care of yourselves.
  • According to Ayurveda, a well-toned liver may be maintained by starting each day with a glass of warm water infused with freshly squeezed lemon.
  • Jupiter is also linked to the pancreas, it is essential to avoid eating an excessive amount of sugary foods and to avoid overindulging, even more when Jupiter is in Bharani ruled by Venus
  • 5 Sep 023 – 27 Nov 2023: To be precise, Jupiter retrogrades in Nakshatra Bharani (Aries 13.20–16.40) which is a transforming constellation dominated by Venus, where the slowing is occurring. Overindulgence in sex, food, or money may result from the association. If this has been an issue for the previous two to three months, the retrograde motion may provide an opportunity for introspection and change.   

At Mundane Level:

  • Retrograde Jupiter in Aries would tempt Higher Authorities and individuals to push plans ahead though there may not be clear due to its association with Rahu
  • During Jupiter’s retrogrades, policy and legislation often undergo revisions.
  • Retrograde Jupiter in Aries in the sign of ‘War, Conflict  and Aggression’  with Uranus (Sudden blow, aggression, etc)  suggests that the next several months will be full of unexpected developments in this area.
  • Faith would Reviewed:  Some questions may be put on validity of faiths, especially Islam.  Islamic fundamentalists/counties   may trigger issue  due to lack of understanding of their own faith. Some Islamic countries may suffer too
  • Some would stand up in oppression and defend their liberties.  
  • Mars is in the Virgo till 4 Oct 2023, which is not conducive for health issues as Mars is pushy and action orientated.
  • Solar Eclipse (14 Oct 2023) & Lunar Eclipses (28-29 Oct 2023): The forthcoming Solar & Lunar Eclipses would take place in Aries-Libra signs where Jupiter and Rahu are situated. The intensity and insanity will be highlighted during the forthcoming eclipses   
  • Fear of Lockdown or to promote Covid Booster Doses: Rahu-Ketu are about to change signs by end Nov 2023 or by end Oct 2023 (Note: there are two types of calculations for Rahu-Ketu movements. If we take mean Rahu then it changes sign by end October 2023 otherwise by end November 2023). Regardless of what system we follow, Rahu-Ketu  would be in Gandanta causing ‘Karmic instability’ in individual’s chart.  Now coming back to Covid, I have written a several times earlier too that Covid-19  is supposed to be over by end Nov 2023 and its residue would be over by April 2024. But looking at the Retro movements of several planets, Rahu-Ketu’s forthcoming movements I will NOT be surprised Authorities may threaten another Lockdown type of scenarios at several places. Covid related issues may pop up, may be some rumours  to get further booster doses. I would say, that would be just a money making strategy
  • Bharani Nakshatra rules Yoni or Vulva.   Bharani  controlled by Yama (God of Death). I would say some sort of issues related with females’ yoni, may be something to do with abortions cannot be ruled out.   Jupiter traversing over Bharani in Retrograde motion may bring Abortion Rights in picture as per RTeligions or Faiths, as Jupiter represents Faiths

I will write more as soon as I get more time.


Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever