Congratulations Bharat-India.   


What a tremendous honour this is for Bharat-India.  I am extremely proud & happy for India’s progress.  ISRO has succeeded again, this time to India’s great pride. The footprints of India may be seen on the lunar soil at the Moon’s south pole now.


After thousands of years, India is once again at the forefront of space exploration.  We all know that the Vedas are the original source and foundation of many Western scientific ideas and principles. The success of Chandrayaan-3 mission is the testimony that the sky is no longer the limit for our scientists. This achievement without any doubt proves that our scientists can now go for the Stars & Heavens


I am pleased to say that Bharat-India is gradually regaining the Glory it once had and will continue to hold the title of “Vishwa Guru”.


With all my Prayers, Love & Good Wishes.


Ravinder Grover

Auckland, New Zealand

24 Aug 2023


Ravinder Grover 

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