There are occasions when, from our point of view, it may look as if a planet has suddenly changed its course and begun to travel in the other direction across the sky.  This phenomenon is only an optical illusion resulting from the relative positions of Earth and the planet. A planet in orbit consistently moves in a single direction and cannot abruptly change its trajectory.  Since it just seems like the planet is travelling backwards, we call it apparent retrograde motion


Mercury will retrograde in 2024 for these dates:

  • 2 – 24 Apr 2024

  • 3 – 26 Aug 202

  • 24 Nov 2024 – 14 Dec 2024

Let us briefly look into the forthcoming Retrogradation 2-24 April 2024.  This  period is regarded to have a substantial impact on your attitude and conduct.  

For the sake of the ease of a layperson, I am avoiding astrological terminology and Calculations.


Please note the following dates

  • 10-26 April 2024: Most challenging & volatile period w.r.t Mercury significations

  • 26 May 2024: Mercury Retrograde effects may remain till 26 May 2024. Something significant is on sight

You may encounter issues with

  • General communication/understanding with others that includes listening, hearing, talking, speaking, posting, writing, emailing, texting, negotiating, contracting, giving messages through your body language and facial expressions, etc

  • Communication tools/devices such as computers, mobile devices,  servers,

  • Email blunders

  • Misunderstandings

  • Technology

  • Logistics

  • Travel Plans, Transport, Roadways, Railways, shipping, Mailing

  • Mishaps and/or averted plans

  • Media (may twist words, narratives and become extremely unbelievable)

  • Mentality, Thinking processes, Rationality/reasoning

  • Adaptability, Flexibility

  • Transactions, Files & Documents

  • Speech

  • Education

  • Banking & Stock Market

  • Teenagers

  • IT professionals

  • Medical point of view, some issues with the following cannot be ruled out

    1. The upper Respiratory  and Digestive tracts.

    2. Lungs, kidneys and other are paired organs

    3. The Skin, Liver, Nerves and Nervous system

    4. Bowels and Intestines

    5. The Mental process, during retrogradation ,Mercury  may  cause depression, emotional instability, sleeplessness, anxiety to some

    6. Shoulder & hands

    7. Blood & Breath

    8. Shoulder blades and Bones & Arms  

    9. Abdominal & umbilical regions

Before Mercury Starts Retrograde motion

  • Backup your Files, Data and Communication Devices

  • Exercise self-control over your speech & words

  • Travellers should allow extra buffer time

  • To avoid being surprised by the energy change, mentally prepare and guide your awareness

  • Please backup your Computers, Communication devices and Important  data ASAP, say before 19 March 2024.   In the event that your computer experiences a crash, you will not lose any important data.  

  •  Keep your software up to date at all times: While Mercury is in retrograde, you should refrain from making significant modifications to your computer system. In the event that your computer does suffer issues, you should be patient and understanding. your accounts safe as there are strong chances of having problems with these

  • Avoid Arguments at all costs.  

  • Watch and keep an eye on your  ‘Communication’  that includes   the  way of expressing yourselves, the manner of conversation, let it be verbally, electronically, in writing, or even by your body language Keep an eye onto your Mental Health

  • · DO NOT sign any documents without reading the finer prints or consulting your legal advisor

Extremely Important Points

  • DO NOT sign any important documents without first reviewing the fine print and consulting your legal advisor

  • DO NOT play around or make significant changes with your  Communication devices/tools, Documents, Websites, etc

  • AVOID all arguments

  • RECONSIDER how you approach the activities and behaviours you are involved in

  • RE-EVALUATE the situation in the appropriate context

  • Many people would err as a result of a lack of comprehension, you should take things slowly and re-evaluate everything you do that is significant.

  • Consider the path that your life is taking

  • Make an effort to be more patient

  • LISTEN to your Inner Voice

  • Be careful what you perceive from all sort of MEDIA

Please note, although the Mercury will become in Direct motion from 24 April 2025, but  some it still has the residue effect for two more weeks, known as “shadow period” after Retrograde. Maintain your composure, but begin to plan your next steps. Get into your routine and rhythm. Put the finishing touches on the vacation you wish to take. Prepare the papers to sign contracts or sell your residence. Direct your efforts towards sensible adjustments.

I trust that the aforementioned information will be beneficial for navigating the Mercury Retrograde phase.


Watch-out Dates

8-10 April 2024:  Retrograde in Pisces

  • Remember the key word ‘Communication’ .  All sorts of issues may arise as mentioned above
  • Virus may spread further

11 April 2024: Mars Conjunct Saturn in 20-57 deg in Aquarius-Purvabhadra 

  • Mars signifies Action, impatience,    impulsiveness, and Aggression;  and Saturn signifies  Discipline, Delay, Being Cautious, Boundaries and Restriction.  
  • This  configuration may build up stress, conflicts, tension, anxiety and land up in in some sort of  crises, natural disasters, tornadoes, earthquakes, rebellious acts   and may hit back again around 26 May 2024 strongly when Mars would hit the Eclipse Point


20 Apr 2024: Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Venus conjuncts  Mercury -R

  • Here  Venus represents Values, entertainment Automobiles, beauty  and Jupiter represents Prosperity.  An event may affect the financial , automobile or entertainment industry.


26 May 2024: Solar Eclipse Point 0f 809 April 2024 gets Activated

  • Around this time, a high profile person may get Assassinated /Injured/Falls sick 





Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever