As per Mundane Astrology, the forthcoming configuration of planets indicate  Frustrating Time for the entire World.  Transit Mars  would be in exact opposition to Transit Saturn (Retro) on 2 July 2021

Though in time to come, Rough Tides would rise  Globally  especially between 14 Sep 2021 to 20 Nov 2021, which I have indicated my previous posts.  I expect Third Wave of Virus to hit the world.  Some say, the third wave has already started in many parts of the world. To me it seems, this time frame could be the peak would be from 14 Sep 2021 to 20 Nov 2021. Though the Virus may not end  before Feb/Mar 2023.

This  article is intended to talk about just next few days.


Saturn Opposite Mars:

Saturn is transiting Capricorn  sign from January 2020 to April 2022 and from July 2022 to January 2023.  Mars is transiting Cancer sign from 2 June 2021 to 20 July 2021.  Capricorn is opposite sign to Cancer where Mars is transiting. As long as Mars is in Cancer sign  that is till 20 July 2021,   Mars would be  said to be opposite Saturn but not Exact opposition. 

  • This limited configuration has the potential to slow down the significations of Mars resulting in  Frustration, Disappointments, causing Delays in the way to success

2 July 2021: Saturn Exact Opposite Mars

On 2 July 2021(1:30 hours, Auckland, New Zealand), Transit Mars would be in Exact Opposition with Transit Retrograding Saturn. What can we expect during these few days?

  • This combination has the potential to create  some Disappointments, Frustrations and  Knotty Energies.  Time demands Self Discipline and Patience
  • People who have Moon or Ascendant in Aries or Scorpio may feel more affects as these both signs are  controlled by Mars
  • Please note this Time frame, from 2 June 2-21 to 20 July 2021, Mars is  transiting  in Cancer sign,  where it gets Debilitated (at Neecha in Sanskrit)  Please note, literally Debilitation does NOT mean WORST or  BAD.   I would say in layman’s language, Debilitation means ‘Drained’;  and one who has the Debilitated planet on his/her Chart would have to   ‘Put an extra effort or  work extra hard’ with whatever Mars signifies in the individual chart
  • I have often heard people saying, “I work very hard, may be four times more than others  to get the similar results what others get easily without any problem”. This is the clear indication of the Debilitated planet. So what do we do here? Do we cry over it?   NO, once one is aware what is reflected in his/her Astrological chart, adapt to the situation and work accordingly with more enthusiasm to achieve the results.  This is life and each one of us have different Karma to pay off.    That’s all.  
  • Well coming back to Mars… It is  Debilitated in Cancer sign from 2 June 2021  till 20 July 2021.  What does Mars Signify generally?  Mars signifies, “Blood and Muscles of the Body,  Courage, Determination, Taking action, Aggression, Weapons, Enemies, Injuries, Surgeries, Defence Forces, etc” .   Generally speaking, people may have some issues with its signification, or they would have to work 3 to 4 times harder to achieve the results indicated by Mars, but that is till 20 July 2021,  From 20 July 2021, Mars will enter Leo sign and would  start gaining strength.    
  • Oh Yes, if someone has Mars in Cancer in his/her natal chart, then the native has to accept this configuration and be ready to work harder most times with respect to the signification of the Debilitated planet in the chart. Good results would indeed follow but with extra hard work.
  • “Mars opposite Saturn – Where there is a will there is a way”
  • Coming back to the current condition.   Transit Mars will be exact opposite Saturn on 2 July 2021.    Mars will be in Cancer sign at 18-11 degrees  opposite  Saturn -R in Capricorn  at 18-11 degrees.  This is called Exact opposition. By nature Mars is an Active/Fast planet  and Saturn is  slow person.  Hence  Saturn would try to slow down the significations of Mars
  • Hence people who have Aries or  Scorpio as Ascendant or Moon sign may feel Frustration, Dejected, Disappointments  and Aggression. Disappointment may come  from unfulfilled desires. Please avoid conflicts all together. People who have Capricorn or Aquarius  as Ascendant or Moon sign may feel  more restlessness, fear and  anxiety. In either case,  time demands  Self-discipline, Patience and Steely determination which can lead to satisfying results.
  • In Mundane Astrology, this combination is prone to trigger Natural Disasters, (Earthquakes, Wars, Tsunami, Volcano Eruption,  Landslides, Violence, Terror Attacks, Fires, etc)


Now coming to next few days

2 June 2021 – 20 July 2021:   

  • India Independence Chart has Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Sun in Cancer in her third house.
  • Third house indicates, Neighbouring countries, Traffic (land, rail sea and air) communication, publishing, Armed Forces, Army Chief,  etc
  • I would expect, anytime  within this time frame,  Activation   of Armed forces to the border states of India cannot be ruled out


  • On 4 July 2021, (10:40 Hours, Auckland, New Zealand), Sun In Gemini, Ardra Nakshatra  would be    6/8 Relationship With Saturn In Capricorn, Saravana  Nakshatra,  Both At Exact 18-03 Degrees.   This configuration seems to be pregnant to create tension and/or explosion amongst Politicians, Government leaders, Labour class and Masses.


  • 5 July 2021: (2 hours,  Auckland, New Zealand),  Transit Mars will be conjunct  Pluto and Saturn in India’s Independence Day Chart in 3rd
    • This combination promotes War like Scenario

    • Neighbouring during countries, especially China may  show aggression against India to distract the World
    • Fires, Blasts, Communication and  Transport system under threat  (Land, Sea, Rail, Air)


  • 16 July 2021: Sun will enter Cancer sign.

    • Government to forewarn the neighbouring countries with strict and firm warnings


  • 17 July 2021:Transit Mars would conjunct  Sun in third house

    • The above configuration (including further methods of analysis not given here)  seems to create War like Scenario, Terrorism, Fire Balls, etc

    • All states located at the borders of India would be at risk of further aggression

    • Activation  of Armed forces to the border states of India cannot be ruled out


  • 22 July 2021: Mars would move to Leo

    • Things shall start cooling down


I will write more I. a few days as and when I get more time.






Ravinder Grover