Soft Landing of Chandrayaan-3 on South Pole of Moon 

When it comes to   Astronomy, Jyotisha, Science,  Mathematics, Vedas, Music, Yoga, Art & Culture, Morality, Human Values, Unity of Faiths,  and Spirituality, Bharat (India)  provides an example and  inspiration for the rest of the world to follow.

I did create an Astrology Chart for the moment of the Chandrayaan mission’s launch, but because to other commitments and a lack of time, I was unable to post it on my blog.  For a long time, I had been wondering if the mission to land on the South Pole of Moon would be successful or it  encounters some unexpected problems.  To be honest, when it comes to Bharat (India), I am tremendously emotional, and I wish my mother land every success in whatever effort she does.

I pray to God that Chandrayaan-3 successfully lands on the South Pole of Moon tomorrow, so writing a new chapter in human history and giving   due Glory to Bharat (India)


My Brief Analysis

Chandrayaan-3 was launched on 14 July 2023, 14:35 hours  IST, Sriharikota, India.

At the time of its launch, the ascendant was located at 1°–46° Scorpio in the eastern sky, and it was influenced by the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Rahu. “Expenses, Investment, Abroad, Unconventional” is what Rahu represents in this context.

Scheduled time of soft landing on Moon is 23 Aug 2023, 18:04 hours, IST . Lagna rising at East horizon from Sriharikota would be Aquarius, 0-47 degrees, ruled by Saturn -R, Mars and Mercury.   Tomorrow being Wednesday is also controlled by Mercury

Note: If we want to do a thorough job of analysing the situation, we will need an astrological chart drawn out in Moon’s local time from the perspective of the landing site.

From Earth’s perspective, Mercury would be travelling at Leo 2-40-10 degrees with the Sun, the Lord of Leo, at the moment of the soft landing if my theory holds. And my concern is here Mercury is affected by Uranus, Saturn-R, Mars, and Ketu in D-9 as well.    

Having Mercury join the Sun’s side would certainly boost India’s profile by giving further Name and Fame. Simultaneously, Mercury would be getting ready to go Retrograde from the following day.  Finally, on 24 August 2023, at 1:30  hours, IST, the planet of ‘communication’ Mercury goes Retrograde at Leo 27-40-26 degrees.  When a planet is stationary or travelling at a much slower rate than usual before going into retrograde, it’s natural to feel anxious. Historically, Mercury has been linked to ‘communication problems’.  

Astrologically speaking and based on ONLY one parameter, i.e.,  Affliction to Mercury by  natural malefic that happen to be ‘Cruel and/or Cold Planets’ (Note: Severe cold planets have potential to affect the flow of energy in the vehicle)  and  Mercury’s Regression,    Soft landing on the South Pole of Moon  on Wednesday, 23 August 2023  would be ‘Challenging‘ and may lead to either some delay or communication hitches or misunderstanding or holdups or dissatisfaction.

believe this might possibly also mean an expected temporary loss of contact, as it’s projected to last the whole 17 minutes before a Soft & Gentle landing.    Being positive,  I hope this is what the Astrology chart is indicating.  I am crossing my fingers that this is just a blip on the radar screen and NOT a permanent breakdown in communication, and that we will be back in business as usual soon.

I also offer my gratitude to millions of people worldwide who are praying for the success of Chandrayaan-3.   I also offer my heartfelt Congratulations and applaud the scientific prowess and courage of Bharat (India) and the ISRO scientists for accomplishing this feat of everlasting Glory to my mother-land Bharat (India).  


Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever