“Moon signifies Mind and lack of light on Moon would make Six Inner Enemies (desire, anger, attachment, greed, jealousy and ego) more active; hence disturbing the mind.  If it’s not guarded then the contemplated negative thoughts could manifest into undesirable actions resulting into negative Karma. It’s better to absorb the Mind into sacred activities and contemplate on God which would help to you conquer the Six Inner Enemies”

 What Is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets between Earth and the sun, and the moon casts a shadow over Earth. A solar eclipse can only take place at the phase of new moon, when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth and its shadows fall upon Earths surface

An eclipse of the Sun happens when the New Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, blocking out the Sun’s rays and casting a shadow on parts of Earth.

The Moon’s shadow is not big enough to engulf the entire planet, so the shadow is always limited to a certain area (see map illustrations below). This area changes during the course of the eclipse because the Moon and Earth are in constant motion: Earth continuously rotates around its axis while it orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbits Earth. This is why solar eclipses seem to travel from one place to another.


Types of Solar Eclipses

There are 4 different types of solar eclipses. How much of the Sun’s disk is eclipsed, the eclipse magnitude, depends on which part of the Moon’s shadowfalls on Earth.

  1. Partial solar eclipses occur when the Moon only partially obscures the Sun’s disk and casts only its penumbra on Earth.

  2. Annular solar eclipses take place when the Moon’s disk is not big enough to cover the entire disk of the Sun, and the Sun’s outer edges remain visible to form a ring of fire in the sky. An annular eclipse of the Sun takes place when the Moon is near apogee, and the Moon’s antumbra falls on Earth.

  3. Total solar eclipses happen when the Moon completely covers the Sun, and it can only take place when the Moon is near perigee, the point of the Moon’s orbit closest to Earth. You can only see a total solar eclipse if you’re in the path where the Moon casts its darkest shadow, the umbra.

  4. Hybrid Solar Eclipses, also known as annular-total eclipses, are the rarest type. They occur when the same eclipse changes from an annular to a total solar eclipse, and/or vice versa, along the eclipse’s path.

  Illustration of lunar nodes with Sun, Earth, and Moon

Ref: timeanddate.com

What is Sutak?

Sutak is certain duration of time before Solar and Lunar Eclipse.  Duration of Sutak depends upon the observable Sunrise & Sunset of the place at the time of eclipse.  At average, it is observed for 12 hours before Solar Eclipse and for  9 hours before Lunar Eclipse.

What happens during Sutak and Eclipse?

It’s said that the earth’s energy mistakes the eclipse as a full cycle of the Moon.  It’s believed that during Sutak the atmosphere starts getting contaminated with harmful energies of North Node & South Nodes of the Moon (called Rahu & Ketu in Vedic Astrology respectively). During Sutak Biorhythmic, Gravitational, Physiological, Emotional and Neurological fluctuations start taking place and last till end of Eclipse.   Also, logically speaking, the cooked food goes through the phases of its deterioration much more rapidly in a subtle way than it does on a normal day.  

To my understanding,  Solar Eclipse sets some Theme for the period of 6 months to 1 year or say till the following Annual Solar Eclipse. This year Solar Eclipse occurs on 10 June 2021 in Taurus sign, Mrigashira Nakshatra at 23-38 degrees as the Eclipse Point.    Taurus is the 2nd house of the Zodiac, of Earth Element, signifies  ‘Possessions, Resources, Values, Materialism, Conventional Beliefs,  and Income’.

Theme for the Solar Eclipse seems to be  “Savings our Values and Resources”

Basically we would have  Mercury (Retro), Sun,  Moon in Mrigashira Nakshatra in Taurus Signa and Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra in Taurus sign as well. These  planets are closely clustered and are aspected by square aspect from Jupiter and Neptune.

I find Retrograde (going backwards) Mercury (the planet of  Rational Thinking, Communications, paper work, Agreements, Ideas, Reasons and Transactions ) would  be just 1 degree  from the Eclipse Point, though not absolute in conjunction but too close to conjunction is also the concern



Annular Solar Eclipse: When, Where and at Time?

The annular phase of this solar eclipse will be visible in some  parts of Russia, Greenland, Northern Canada,  Greenland, Northern Asia and  Europe. Partial Solar Eclipse shall be visible in much of Europe, much of Asia, North/West Africa, much of North America, Atlantic and  Arctic. 

 I am giving Stages and Time of the Solar Eclipse for Auckland, New Zealand (10 June 2021).   If you wish, you may check the Eclipse timings of your local time of your place, please  find it here  at  https://www.timeanddate.com/live/eclipse-solar-2021-june-10

Map Description automatically generated

What Time Is the Solar Eclipse?

Starts (10 Jun 21)

8:12 p.m. NZST

Total (Start) 

9:49 p.m. NZST


10:41 p.m. NZST

Total (End) 

11:33 p.m. NZST

Ends (11 Jun 21)

1:11 a.m. NZST


Please mark these two Dates: 10 June 2021 and 18 June 2021

 Date: 10 June 2021

Technically  speaking, Neptune would almost square the Eclipse Point on 10 June 2021.   I believe this configuration may deliver the following:

  1. Covid-19 or its Variants’ infections may rise for a while

  2. Thought process would become Distorted and Confused

  3. Cheating, Deceiving acts, Forging and Kidnapping type of scenarios on rise

  4. Misunderstanding, Insecurity, Mental Confusion and Deceptive Communication would be on rise

  5. Business dealings could get more complicated


How to handle the above?

  1. Be Cautious and Conscious to your Inner Self’ what  and how you handle life challenging situations here

  2. Any Legal matters, must be dealt with Extreme Care

  3. Keep away from injustice, scandals and outrage

  4. Be careful in all sorts of Communication, (may it be by speech, email, text messages, etc), and  MUST NOT  be misunderstood

  5. Handle communication devices/equipment with care and run anti viruses

  6. Do not fall in Trap of salespeople

  7. Take this as an opportunity to cast of old habits and behaviours; Move on to adapt new and constructive habits

Date: 18 June 2021

Further down the track on 18 June 2021, Saturn who itself is in Retrograde  motion in Capricorn would make 90 degree aspect with Uranus in Aries.  To me this configuration may create the followings:

  1. Rebellious activities, Riots, Sudden blows

  2. Sudden restrictive changes and/or unexpected restrictions may be imposed on people which they may not welcome and get frustrated

How to handle the above?

  1. Keep your mind calm

  2. Think how can you face this challenge with self-confidence and turn this into an opportunity to improve and move further.



Which countries may be affected more?

  • Those countries that fall under the Taurus Zodiac Sign and from where the Solar Eclipse would be visible need to be extremely cautious.   


When these area could be activated?

The effect shall be felt more stronger  between 21 Oct 2021- 16 Jan 2022


Possible effects of this Solar Eclipse  Wordlwide

  1. Natural Disasters/Calamities

  2. Political turmoil

  3. Stock Market fluctuations

  4. Extreme Weathers especially from 21 June 2021

  5. Covid-19 and its variantsas

  6. Frustrations due to the lack of clarity in relation to resources and a treatment plan for Covid-19 and its variants. There shall be Demand for further Clarity in Treatment Plan

  7. Agriculture, Farms and Dairy Farming related issues may arise by October  2021

  8. Publications, Media, Literacy World, Agreements, Education, Communications related issues would arise


  • Solar Eclipse would NOT be visible in India, hence its effects would be less but nevertheless to my understanding Eclipses make do affect Globally

  • Mathematically, Solar Eclipse would happen in the Ascendant or 1st House of India’s Foundation Day chart  (15 August 1947, 00:01 hours, New Delhi, India ) and in addition to above the following may happen:

    1. War like Scenario and Border Clashes with neighbouring countries cannot be ruled out

    2. Spread of Virus (old or new)

    3. Possible Terrorism along the border located states 

    4. Stock Market fluctuation


China and/or Russia

  1. May be hit by Earth Quakes within next few months

  2. Diplomatic conflicts between USA and Russia is on cards


Guide: How to Cope Solar Eclipse

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, coinciding with new moon and full moons, as solar and lunar eclipses, respectively. They appear in a family of signs that are joined on the same axis. Said another way, eclipse families come in pairs of signs that are found exactly opposite each other (six months apart) on the horoscope wheel.


  1. Eclipses have the  potential to make deep profound psychological effects at Subconscious level.

  2. You may become more Emotional than usual

  3. Look after your health if your birthday falls within 10 days of Solar Eclipse

  4. This Eclipse has the potential to bring news of big events. Regardless of what happens, it will become apparent that the entire universe is determined to push you to move ahead. Obscuration frequently mark a significant defining moment

  5. Something significant may end to start something different

  6. This Eclipse is more enthusiastic as it welcomes conclusive endings

  7.  NEVER EVER under any circumstance issue ultimatums or take big actions under any Eclipse, may it be Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse  

  8.  NEVER EVER begin a new project/venture at Eclipse time, may it be Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse

  9. This Eclipse may bring a random event and/or change in life that you do not expect; even that me be delivered right at your doorsteps. Sometimes the event may have started somewhere else, may be totally out of your control, but it can create forces of changes in a significant scale to you

  10. This Eclipse may speed your sense of time and ‘Change your Plans’

  11. This Eclipse may help you to see the ‘True Character’ of someone close to you

  12. Take notice of all news, signals and messages seriously that you get near an Eclipse. Please note, sometimes you are able to face big challenges successfully by paying attention to the signals/messages you pick up at Eclipse time

  13. Sometimes, (subject to your Astrological Chart where the Eclipse takes place), the Eclipse has the potential to ‘Eclipse out’ or give “trouble” someone important your life. Generally, Solar eclipse signifies “Male” and Lunar eclipse signifies “Female”

  14. Eclipses always stimulate Cancer and Leo signs in the Astrological chart regardless of where in which sign the eclipse takes place

Action Plan during Sutak and Eclipse

  1. As per Indian scriptures, it is NOT auspicious to watch the Solar and Lunar Eclipses with naked eyes

  1. Avoid consuming cooked food and any liquid

  1. As per Vedic scriptures, Moon signifies Mind and lack of light on Moon would make six inner enemies (desire, anger, attachment, greed, jealousy and ego) more active; hence disturbing the mind. If it’s not guarded, then the contemplated negative thoughts could manifest into undesirable actions resulting into negative Karma. It’s better to absorb the mind into sacred activities and contemplate on God which would help you to conquer the Six Inner Enemies

  1. In other words as in point 3, Mind is connected with the Moon; the Body is connected with the Earth and the Sun is connected with both. The time when all three come in alignment, it is believed to be good time for spiritual practices.  It is not a good time to eat or indulge in pleasures. It is a good time to conserve energy. So, from the ancient times it is said that you should not eat during the eclipse, and you should meditate.  Eclipses are more useful for spiritual practices. This is the best way to spend time during an eclipse as the meditation and contemplation can go much be deeper

  1. It is highly recommend to chant Mantra chanted during the Eclipse time as this gives 10000 times more effects

  2. Highly recommended Mantra to chant during Eclipse is  “Om Namo Narayanaya Namo Namaha”



“The mind is the Moon, the intelligence is the Sun;

see that they do not suffer from Eclipse.

Then, you are safe.

Do not worry when something happens in the outer sky;

worry, when the shadow of some dark desire,

some foul passion, some monstrous emotion,

some fell intention, casts its evil gloom over your inner sky.

See that the splendour of the Lord,

the cool rays of His Grace are not dimmed in the recesses of your heart. 

Make use of this Golden Opportunity to elevate your Conscious Level

by contemplating/meditating  on God or by chanting mantra during the Eclipse




Ravinder Grover