What determines the future of the newly born child?  Is it the planets at the time of birth determine the future of the child? Or is it the individual’s Karma?  Or is it the Karma of the parents? Can the Karma be nullified?

In fact, as per the Karmic plan, the new life insists on choosing a specific moment for conception and birth, as both are interdependent. A child is born in the appropriate constellation on the possible chosen date, time and place when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual Karma.

According to what he wants to be, whatever his innate possibilities, whatever the shape of his last life taken in its entirety, whatever his motivating consciousness. The Astrological chart and planetary configuration   of the date and moment of birth with respect to the place of birth would reflect a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results.

A new born child’s Mind is like a sensitive photo plate.  For our understanding, we can   safely say that the three significant exposures are registered on this photo plate, i.e., the mind, as follows:

  1. Conception: Energy passed (to the yet to be the offspring) at the time of conception. Biological energy in the form of DNA/Genes that pass hereditary features, Subtle  energy such in the form of thoughts that were going in parents mind at the time of conception, Celestial Energy due to the configuration of planets at the time of the conception, etc
  2. Samskaras:  Past life imprints on the subconscious mind  that  may be  the storehouse of all Karma
  3. Birth: Celestial Energy and other conditions at the place, date and time of birth. The configuration of the heavenly bodies at a particular moment reflects the qualities of that moment; also reflect the qualities of anything born at that moment.

In my understanding, all the above factors determine the child’s future life.

The role of Astrology begins even before the time of conception. But how many of us care for this?   As per some classic scriptures of Astrology, Life does not begin with birth. When born, one is already nine months old. The entire growth of the embryo till delivery of the baby is controlled by nine planets.   Though the soul entered the womb as per the Karmic plan but I personally believe some help may be provided to the child in womb and to the mother throughout the period of pregnancy to dilute the Karmic influences to a certain extent.  This is the topic of further research.  If time and space would permit, I will write more citing some of my case studies on this subject later on.

Ravinder Grover