The saddened mother approached me on 4 Feb 2010.  Her second son has left home with a note for some reason and she was deeply hurt. Hence she asked the  question as,

“When would my second son return home?” and she gave me number  KP 66  between 1 and 249

Prediction (5 Feb 2010):   For some reason I used  natal birth chart of the son, Time chart of the moment and as well the chart based on number KP 66; and then declared that ‘The present configuration of the chart indicates your son would return home after July 2010

Feedback:  The mother contacted me a several times, she went into deep depression and her health started deteriorating.  I recommended her a few Astrological remedies.  At end, with the Mercy of God, her son returned home on 5 Aug 2010


  1. The Analysis of the astrological chart is NOT given here
  2. Only some successful cases are given here though I had many failures too
  3. Please DO NOT expect me to pin point the exact dates of the event. Though I try my best to analyse the chart by applying the astrological principles that I understand.
  4. Personal data of the natives are withheld
  5. Remedies suggested to natives are also withheld