History (28 Aug 2007): I received communication that some person was supposed to arrive by train at one particular station.  The train had arrived but the person in question was missing.  The question was about the where about of the Missing person.  

Prediction (28 Aug 2007):  I replied as follows:  “It seems the person in question have received injuries in chest by four people or so.  Chart is discouraging showing his death…”


  • (28 Aug 2007): Received another communication on the same day after a few hours saying that “Police has found some body near railway track en route to the destination.  Relatives of the missing person were asked to go and identify the body if it’s the same person in question”
  • (29 Aug 2007): Received another communication, ”Your prediction was stunningly correct; the person was killed and thrown out of the moving train near…”