History: One couple went for Honeymoon and the wife collapsed there.   She was hospitalized  but the doctors could not pin point the problem with the young lady.  walked in very depressed and asked the following question. Upon my asking him to give a number between 1 and 249, he gave me a number 105.

Prediction (30 Apr 2010):  “The present configuration of the chart indicates the similar problems as told earlier.  11 May 2010 at 23:30 hours may be very critical. Death like scenario is in progress. Chances of lower part of the body getting worst affected.”  I downloaded one Power Point Presentation from the internet on Brain and tried to explain to the gentleman where the problem was.  “I am sure; your wife could be saved if she is provided all necessary medical treatment straight away on that day”. To avoid any further damage some remedies were recommended. 


  • The gentleman took that power point presentation report to the hospital and Doctors conducted further test and found out some problem with the Cerebral Hemisphere’.
  • The patient STOPPED breathing on 11 May 2000 sharp at 23:30 hours in the hospital and she was revived by the Doctors.
  • Then her lower part of the body got Paralyzed
  • Doctors gave some training to the gentlemen in how to look after the Paralyzed person as per Doctors she WILL NOT recover from paralyses
  • We carried on further remedies as the astrological chart did give some hope of recovery
  • As on 1 Feb 2011, she, the patient, started walking slowly and is recovering


Declaration/Disclaimer:  Please Note that

  1. Only some successful cases are given here though I had many failures too
  2. The Analysis of the astrological chart is NOT given here
  3. Please DO NOT expect me to pin point the exact dates of the event. Though I try my best to analyse the chart by applying the astrological principles that I understand.
  4. Personal data of the natives are withheld
  5. Remedies suggested to natives are also withheld