In order to see the year ahead in  Mundane Astrology  one needs  to analyse the Foundation chart of the country, Astrological natal chart of the Governing body and/or Prime Minister, Chart of the  swearing in ceremony of the Governing body and/or Prime Minister and many other parameters in depth.  

I am just basing the following observations on Chaitra Pratipada 2021 Chart (It is the first day during the waxing phase of Moon in Hindu/Vedic  month of Chaitra., i.e. the following day after the Amavasya (New Moon) that occurs in the Zodiac sign Pisces)

As per Mundane Astrology  the King for the year (April 2021- April 2022) for New Zealand  is Mars and Minister is Mercury.  I am trying to analyse what these planets can offer us during the year April 2021 to April 2022.  

Here are just a few Glimpses for the next a few months only: 

  1. This year from April 2021 to April 2022 seems to be very challenging for the country

  2. Government may go through very challenging time for next few months

  3. Management of Debts, Interest Rates, Housing Market, Taxes, General Public Health, Mental Health, Employment,  New Business Models for Working together at work places , Restoring of Economy  and interestngly some issues related with Pets  would be on High Agenda but Public would be itching on making long distance travelling

  4. Some activities related with places of confinements, such as prisons, hospitals and/or the people who work/live there shall come out into public consciousness, may expose some dark facts.  It could be the spread of Virus or something else. In other words, Hospitals and/or  places of confinements shall have difficult time due to some hidden event or virus

  5. Further Full/Partial  lockdown sort of scenario cannot be ruled out if the virus is not controlled seriously

  6. Quite a few unexpected, unwanted  and hidden events are on cards. Possible aggressive events such as murder, terror attacks, shootings, etc may disturb the people and the nation

  7. Natural Disaster, pandemic, hidden or unwanted activity may affect people further.

  8. Some secret plots, drugs related activities, forgery, deception  and/or underground movements may take place

  9. Serious illness and/or Death of a National ruler or celebreity  is on cards

  10. Discussion and/or implementation on Capital Gain taxes

  11. Insurance companies, Trusts, Businesses, Charitable Trusts/Organisations shall go through some transformation

  12. Some changes to pensioners’ income or life style cannot be ruled out

  13. Parole reformation system shall be discussed and/or implemented

  14. Unseen and unexpected trouble is on cards

  15. Agreements with foreign bodies after some turbulence shall get approval

  16. National Plans for next few years would be discussed at length

  17. Place of entertainment, amusement, speculations, gambling, etc  shall be activated

  18. Educational, Educational institutions, attitude of students like matters shall pop up soon

I will try  to do further calculations  for further few months and update my Blog ASAP.

Take care


Ravinder Grover