From My Notes of 19 May 2019 


Analysis  of  Rahul Gandhi’s coronation as the President of Congress

Coronation (Date, Time and Place): 16 Dec 2017, 11:02 hours, New Delhi, India



My observations:  Without any prejudice


Rahul Gandhi was coronated formally as the president and has taken charge of the Congress party on 16 Dec 2017, 11:02 hours, New Delhi, India


Note:I feel very strongly that Rahul Gandhi and/or Congress have consulted a learned Astrologer to select this time of coronation.   The time of coronation was selected very carefully to get the maximum strength to Rahul Gandhi.  But to my little knowledge there were  some “Flaws” and/or “Weaknesses”in the selection of the time.  It seems to me the learned astrologer would have been under immense pressure or was instructed to find the best possible time of coronation within the given time frame.




  1. For successful Political life, the sub lord of cusp (10) must signify 1,6,9,10 and 11; and planets Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn should also have positive connection with the 10thhouse
  2. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn must be well placed, have good strength and Not afflicted by negative planets
  3. Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka must be well places and must form good yogas
  4. Sun & Mars occupying 10th house getting highest ‘dig bala’ and aspection from Jupiter is unique combination for political leader.
  5. The 6th house and 8th house are very important for higher government officials including politicians.



My Analysis:


  1. Lagna/Ascendant rising at the time of coronation wasKumbha-Aquarius   (1-48-3 deg)  and controlled by   Sat-C, Mars, Merc-RC, Sat-C


  1. Analyse Sun:

Generally speaking:

  • Royal planet, king in the planetary cabinet represents affairs related with Government. For a good political leader and career Sun must be strong in the chart.
  • Sun in 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 and 11 is considered good and supportive but its overall strength must be analysed too


In our case:

  • Sun is in House 11 and it supposed to give strength to Rahul Gandhi as President of the Congress, but Sun is at 00-20 deg, just in infant state or just taken birth, I would rather say, just coming out of womb even the umbical cord of the mother has  is not yet cut.
  • Sun is with Saturn, its son, but Saturn does not like his father Sun. Saturn is stronger than Sun here, also it is the Lord of the Lagna -Ascendant.
  • Generally astrologers take this as a strong position, but to my experience, this also boils down to the native (Rahul Gandhi) will do what he wishes to do, would become stubborn, does what he wishes to do (in Hindi we call it ‘Manmaani’), i.e., he would not listen to his subordinates or would lack wisdom what to listen & implement and what not to listen and not to implement.
  • Saturn is combust too, it means Saturn has lost its power and gave to Sun, who itself is absolutely weak in strength.
  • Sun will not damage Saturn but Saturn will try to damage Sun due to its character and stubbornness.
  • On the other hand, Sun also stands for the opposition party, I would say BJP here. In D9 chart, Sun is exalted but with Uranus causing rebellious activitiesto Rahul Gandhi
  • In D9, Sun has gained strength, so in fact it had gained strength for both parties. Then why should Rahul Gandhi suffer, not the opposition? Reason is simple, Sun stands for the BJP and Saturn stands for Rahul Gandhi. Saturn is combust, devoid of strength, even in D9 Saturn has move to house 8 of Rahul Gandhi, the area of humiliation and challenges and his happen to be house 2 of the opposition party, BJP indicating ‘Accumulation and Gain’
  • In D9, Sun is Exalted in Aries in house 7, that is the house of the opposition not Rahul Gandhi. So, opposition becomes much stronger here.
  • Sun is the Lord of the house 7 i.e. Opposition (BJP) that consumes Saturn’s energy
  • Saturn is in house 11 in Rasi Chart – House 11 is good but with Sun , further loses energy
  • Sun is Darakaraka, in Jaimini Astrology, this stands for partner or I would depict this for opposition.Sun does not harm Saturn but keep it under control.  But Saturn will try to harm Sun – BJP will NOT harm Congress, but Congress will always try to harm BJP
  • In D1, when Saturn moves forward it meets Pluto, signifies gangsters, racketeers, dacoits, group activity. Then Saturn moves further to meet Ketu, the planet of Sudden changes, Sanyaas, etc.  So, Saturn is basically going towards ‘Bankruptcy’ of Luck
  • From Jaimini astrology point of view, Venus is Atma Karaka(AK) and Mercury-RC is Amatyakaraka. (Amk)
  • AK signifies Self and Amk indicates Career. This is very good yoga, that AK and Amk are together in House 10, giving Raja Yoga to Rahul Gandhi.  There is no doubt, he will live like a king and he has been living like a King.  But Merc is combusted and going backward towards its enemy, Mother- Moon, who is debilitated – very weak, secretive by being in Scorpio sign.  Only thing is Moon has restored some of its strength by being in house 10.  Venus, Mercury, Moon all are aspected by Rahu from the 6thhouse, indicating Illusion, Jealousy, Shadow and Greed.  So, Rahul Gandhi is over powered by JealousyIllusion, and Greed
  • Rahu in the sign of Moon so Moon is in fact carrying the energy of Rahu (Muslims). It means his mind is more Muslim orientated or he would always try to get strength from Muslim people.
  • Rahu means mask, it means Rahu Gandhi is wearing the mask all the time to show a different picture to people but behind the scene he is different.



Conclusion: Sun does NOT give strength to Rahul Gandhi as the President of Congress. Rahu Gandhi will be involved in rebellious activities, would try to block the opposition, BJP, in everything it does.  Also opposition will get stronger day by day as confirmed in D9 chart Sun gets 4thaspect from Mars (courage)




  1. Analyse Moon:

Generally speaking:

  • Moon signifies the Mind, Emotions and Decision making abilities.
  • Moon rules public/people
  • Moon in houses 4, 5, 9, and 11 is considered good and supportive but its overall strength must be analysed too.
  • Weak and afflicted Moon makes a leader ruthless and he/she will not work for the society at large but to fulfil his/her own desires
  • The Moon ruler of people is well placed in 10th house and getting benefic aspection from Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars makes one popular political figure. This combination will also give many followers.


In our case:

  • Moon is in Scorpio, debilitated, very weak. It’s with Merc-RC its enemy
  • Moon is afflicted by Rahu (deception, masked, delusion, foreign, Muslims, Christians, out of culture, etc)
  • Rahu is in the Rasi-Sign of Moon, Moon is filled with Rahu energy
  • Moon in the star of Saturn, indicating that the person tends to be pessimistic and hard working
  • Moon is with Mercury-RC, with its enemy and deceptive nature
  • In D-9 Chart, Moon is in Virgo in House 12 and is afflicted indicating the need of mental peace. Only Jupiter is throwing positive energy on Moon indicating some Spiritual solutions may help


Conclusion:Rahul Gandhi’s Moon-Mind is very weak; he will wear various masks for convenience to deceivemasses, full of deception, controlled by malicious activities, getting help from Muslims, Christians, out of culture and foreign bodies, will NOTagree with his mother, he needs mental peace and some solutions may  come through spiritual person and/or activities


Note:  Transit Rahu will pass through Gemini between 20 March 2019 till 20 September 2020 and that period will give a huge setback to the position of Congress Presidency



  1. Analyse Mercury:

Generally speaking:

  • Mercury signifies Intellect,great Mimic, talkative, Communication skills, nervous system, duality, etc


In our case:

  • Mercury is retrograde and combust, lost its complete power to Sun (the opposition say BJP)
  • Mercury (Intellect, Neuter, Communications skills, nervous system of the party, etc) is afflicted by Rahu (deception, over confident, delusion, foreign, out of culture, etc)
  • Mercury-RC is the Sub Lord of Ascendant  as well, most important element   
  • Mercury is Combust & Retrograde, going backwards-communication breakdown, useless talks, & unpredictable nature
  • Mercury is with Venus (sweetness). Mercury conjunct Venus in House 10 gives ‘Raja Yoga’but it is going away from combust weak Venus- showing artificial sweetness to people but in intellect level it seems Rahul Gandhi is perceived to be lacking intelligence or someone who acts in a self-defeating or intellectually disables and will suffer from idiocy
  • Combust Mercury is going backwards towards Debilitated Moon (Mother) to ask for advice which he would never agree with.
    1. Mercury(Intellect of Rahul Gandhi) and Moon(Mother- Sonia Gandhi)do not go well together and can deceive each other
    2. Mythological, Mercury is illegitimate child of Tara-Star and Chandra-Moon hence relationship of Mercury with Moon is not very good
    3. Mercury signifies Buddhi-Intellect and Moon signifies Manas-Mind.Weak Mercury signifies weak intellect and debilitated Moon signifies weak Mind.  In nutshell Buddhi-Intellect and Manas-Mind both are weak. Mind is a bundle of desires and dreams.
    4. Mercury and Moon both are afflicted by Rahu, which is the foreign body, masked, Muslim, Christians, out of culture, out of box, malicious, etc.Indicating that the President of congress party would live ‘Masked Life in Illusion’getting support from people of other culture or out of box, Muslims, foreign evil doers as his own Intellect and Mind do not seem to work properly
    5. Mercury in the star of Merc-RC, the Lord of 5 and 8 gives gain and strength to opposition
    6. Mercury is in H10 – supposed to be very good for political high position, gives buoyancybut Mercury is combust – very weak
    7. Mercury represents speech & communication – weak communication skills and bad speech
    8. Mercury is aspected by Rahu – “putting Mask on Mercury”
    9. Mercury indicates “Nervous system of the human body”and in this context, Mercury indicated that the new Congress President will have “weak internal communication and nervous system of the party”
    10. Rahu indicates –Mask, Over confident, Out of Box, Foreign body, Delusion, Malicious, Muslims and Christians, etc
    11. Mercury RC is conjuct Venus.Venus is in House 10, Lord of 4 and 9.  Houses – some success



Conclusion:Rahul Gandhi as President of Congress Party is weak minded, intellectually handicapped, lacks of communication skills, nervous and communication system of the party will break down due to his idiocy and lack of skills, bad mouthed, weak in calculations,   deception minded, will wear various masks at different conditions for convenience only, will get help from foreign bodies, Muslims, Christians and from unexpected places, will be rebellious, will not agree with mother’s advice, will be involved in malicious activities, will need to go overseas for mental peace, some solutions to his problems may come through spirituality; He will be perceived as an idiot but stay buoyant in Politics for some time


Note:  Transit Rahu will pass through Gemini between 20 March 2019 till 20 September 2020 and that period will give a huge setback the position of Congress Presidency




  1. Analyse Jupiter:

Generally speaking:

  • Jupiter rules Ministers
  • Jupiter is known for giving timely good and moral advice.
  • Jupiter is the planet of anti corruption, its  positive aspects to other planets may lift them up.
  • Jupiter in 1, 5 and 9 from Lagna, Mon and Sun may be considered good


In our case:

  • Jupiter is the Lord of houses 2 and 11 in the star and Sub of Jupiter in House 9 is very strong significator of Houses 9, 2 and 11. That’s amazingly strong giving Fortune, Wealth and Gain in some point of time.
  • But Jupiter NOTthe sub lord of any cusp so it does not strengthen any particular cusp
  • Rahu has a 90 deg aspect on Jupiter that is the concern. Jupiter gets under Illusion and the person starts thinking BIG but beyond his capacity
  • Mars is with Jupiter in the same house, that supposed to give courage and a go ahead spirit to the native but this also has 90 deg aspect from Rahu.  Not to forget the basic astrology here, Mars is enemy of the Lord of ascendant, Saturn.  ON the other hand, it’s True, Mars is the lord of the House 10, must give god results, not only that in D9 chart Mars is in Kendrs  and is exalted with the Lord of house 9 Mercury, but to my limited knowledge Mars is the Lord of house 7 in D9, that is making opposition strong. Further in D10 chart, Mars has moved to house 12, the area of loss  and yet getting 90 deg aspect from Rahu and with Saturn.  Mars is TOTAL LOSS here.


  1. Analyse Saturn:


Generally speaking:

  • Saturn the karmic planet,
  • Saturn is the planet of action which rules over masses (people)and administration. Without people there is no politician and politics. Saturn needs to be strong if a politician needs to Long political haul, you will find many powerful politicians had long life, the reason being Saturn is strength of life.
  • Saturn in 3,6,10 and 11 is considered good
  • Saturn stands for ‘Reality check’


  • Mars is strength and courage. Mars is unleashing power. Politicians do need this power to threaten people, use violence to make people subdue. So Mars is important planet for politicial, political growth and ambition.


In our case:

  • Saturn is Combust due to closer to Sun – weak
  • Sun is the Lord of the house 7 i.e. Opposition (BJP) that consumes Saturn’s energy
  • In house 11 in Rasi Chart – House 11 is good but with Sun, further loses energy
  • Saturn in House 8 in D-9 chart – loses strength
  • Sun is Darakaraka, stands for partnership. Sun does not harm Saturn but keeps it under control.  But Saturn will try to harm Sun i.e., BJP will NOTharm Congress, but Congress will always try to harm BJP
  • IF Rahul Gandhi gets into any partnership with another party, then that party will suck his strength and Rahul Gandhi will remain alone
  • There is Ketu, its enemy in house 2 from Saturn – Saturn loses further strength. Ketu is the blind planet, representing House 12 for the Lagna causing further weakness and playing ‘Blind shots
  • As per KP Astrology Saturn is in House 10 – denotes Honour & Popularity, higher chair in the Government
  • As per KP Astrology, Saturn is 1 deg away from cusp (11) – fulfillment of desire but to me this indicates person does what he wishes to without understanding the gravity of the issue, as Saturn is Combust, I would say Rahul Gandhi will blindly have his way (‘Manmani karna’ in Hindi)
  • Saturn-c in the Star of Ketu in House 12 showing further “Loss, Hospitalization, overseas”that is indicating “sickness”, to me it means that the congress president would have sickly approachunder his leadership
  • Sat-c in the sub of Mars, in House 8, Lord of 3 and 10.  This   indicates humiliation, disappointments, courage, change of resident, movements and short journeys
  • Saturn is ‘Gnati Karaka’ (GK) shall further give problem to all houses and planets it is associated with
  • Mars is 11 houses away from Saturn hence giving some relief and courage
  • Mars is with Jup in the same sign – some relief but in different Bhavas in KP chart, the effect of up onto Mars reduces
  • Mars is getting 90 deg aspect from Rahu (Illusion, deception, etc).
  • In nutshell Mars signifies (6,8,3-10) houses – good but that alsonotcapable of giving desired results


  1. Analyse Rahu:


Generally speaking:


  • Rahu is the planet of Foreign affairs if positively placed. It also causes deception, over shadows things, hidden agendas, etc.
  • Generally speaking of Rahuin 3 and 6 are considered good
  • Rahu is alien, one brings sudden changes, one brings chaos or confusion, one who always plotting , attraction, craving for desires, corruption, craving for power, one who can cross border to get things done. What is politics?, it’s about back stabbing, waiting to plot, create confusion and craving for powers, desires and full of corruption.
  • Rahu signifies ‘ Foreign’, ‘Out of Box’, Muslims, Christians, Illusion, Deception, Over confident,  Full of material desires,  Thinking bigger than own’s capacity, Changing masks as per convenience, Jealousy, Attachment


In our case:

  • Rahu is in house 6, supposed to be good house for Rahu.
  • This is then house of Karmic debt too.
  • Rahu signifies (10,6,5-8) houses. 10 and 6 are very strong houses for him. 5-8 will give some problem
  • Rahu is in the star of Merc-RC, Mercury is retrograde and combust, to my experience any planet in the star of combust planets becomes weak and on top of that its going backwards, signifies the need to ‘Introspect’.  Further Rahu is in the sub of Mars which in house 8 gives ‘Humiliation’
  • Rahu aspects Mon, Merc and Venus
  • Rahu in theisRasi-Sign  of Moon;  hence Moon will be filled with the Rahu’s energy and characterssitics


Analyse Houses 

  1. House 1:  Lagna:  Indicatesoverall Strong and without any affliction Lagna makes one a crowd puller and magnetic which is necessary for a politician.


  1. House 3: Courage, Boldness and Communication skills are the pillars for good Politicians.


  1. House 4: Considered as the throne; affliction free 4th house leads the path to a high political position. Ideally, the 4th house should be aspected by benefic and its lord should be well placed in a Horoscope.


  1. House 6: Winning over enemies and/or opposition


  1. House 7: Most underrated house and here in a case of politicians 7th house is very important because 7th house show masses in general and a Politician always needs a support from the masses. A well connected and auspicious 7th house leads to a better connection with people which works in their favour and is very helpful to win elections.


  1. House 11:it is a very enigmatic house and the same time very important for success in politics because 11th house rules over achievements in life. A politician who deals on very important and large scale needs to have a strong and auspicious 11th house otherwise he won’t have a legacy and despite relevant Rajyoga success will not be there.



So far we have seen essential planets and houses for a career in politics but how much success or authority one will gain as a politician will depend upon on Rajyoga present in the horoscope, without them, one cannot progress to a high level like a mayor, cabinet minister, chief minister or prime minister etc.




  1. Analyze Lagna-Ascendant, which is ruled by Sat, Mars, Ven, Merc
  • Lagna is R(11) 4-35-20deg, at “Infant state” and is weak, indicating Rahul Gandhi has taken charge of Congress party prematurelyand/or his mental state was not developed enough for this role
  • Lagna is occupied by Neptune indicating confusions in the mind of the native, day dreaming, cheats, deceivers, forgers etc
  • Lagna is ascpected by Saturn C and Jupiter. Jupiter saves and Saturn is weak


  1. Analyze Saturn and Mars

–As above —


  1. Sub Lord of Ascendant is Venus and Sub Sub Lord is Merc RC

Analyse Vensu and Merc-RC

–As above —




  1. Analyse House 10:

Let’s look at the sublord of cusp(10) which is Rahu.  Rahu in the star of Merc-Rc.  Only good thing Rahu represents is house 6 – defeating opposition at some level.  But Mercury-RC is the Lord of houses 5 and 8 that gives gain to opposition.



  1. Ruling Planets at the time of Coronation were:

RP = Mars, Sat, Sat, Mars, Sat



Future  Transits


Elections 2019 result declaration day: Transits (23 May 2019)


Transit Rahu is in R(3) and Transit Ketu in R(9) from 23 March 2019 – 20 Sep 2020


  1. Transit of Saturn in R(9) from 26 Jan 2017 – 26 Jan 2020


  1. On 23 May 2019,


  1. Transit Ketu will at R(9) 25-24 deg
  2. Transit Saturn will be at R(9) 25-58 deg
  3. Transit Pluto will be at R(9) 28-50 deg
  4. Tr Mars will be at R(3) 10-33 deg


  1. So the combination becomes
  • Sun + Sat + Pluto + Tr Ketu + Tr Sat + Tr Pluto opposite Tr Mars
  • Very Dangerous combination, can give Group activity, Riots, Mass tragedies, Dacoits, may like after math of killing of Mrs Indira Gandhi on 31 October 1984 


    As at today, 19 May 2019


    Saturn is losing its capacity due to conjuction with Ketu (Sanayaas) and  and opposition fromMars + Rahu, this can happen anytime soon from 23 May 2019, I would say anytime between 1-4 June 2019 is going to be game changing time for the Leadership of Rahu Gandhi


    If he survives the period 1-4  June 2019 then this could be his end by 22 Feb 2022



    1. If Not now then by 22 Feb 2022:
    • Tr Sat will conjuct Ketu,  possibly big change in Leadership and fall of Rahul Gandhi
    • In D10, Tr Sat will enter the 12 house  over D10. Sat + D10.Mars  and gettingb 90 deg aspect from D10 Rahu and 5thaspect from Transit Rahu





    Ravinder Grover


    19 May 2019