WATCH  out your  Words, Action, Thoughts, Character and Heart  for next few days

The following several days are going to be jam-packed with activities that include fire, aggression and lack of self control. You are responsible for how you will manage yourself and how you will let these days go by while exercising self-control.


31 Oct 2022 – 13 Jan 2023:  Mars started its Retrograde motion from 1-26 deg,  Mrigashira Nakshatra, Gemini sign. Mars would remain in Retrograde motion till 13 Jan 2023.

Mars is the planet of action, courage, impatience, impulsiveness, competition,   younger siblings,  aggression, fire weapons, anger, determination,  impulsiveness,  hates being held back.   While Mars is in retrograde motion,  it makes things more difficult to make progress on undertakings due to  some unforeseen delays, obstructions, and other impediments arise, which can lead to feelings of frustration. Anger is building like pressure in a pressure cooker, and it’s about to “bust.”

Note:  Manage your anger and learn to be Patience

14 Nov 2022: Retrograde Mars entered the previous sign Taurus but still in Mrigashira Nakshatra, hence enhancing its negative characteristics of Mars

30 Nov 2022 – 2 Dec 2022: Difficult and aggressive Retrograde Mars will be opposite first Venus then Mercury.  As a consequence of this, over the next few days:

Venus, the planet that governs relationships, agreements, sex, pleasures, guidance, and finances.  This configuration  of planets may  force Venus to  “behave badly,” which may lead to an increase in egotism, discord, and confusion, as well as difficulties with money.  This configuration may increase sexual attraction, physical desires, and sexual tension as well.  This may cause intense emotions and connections. Love that is expressed via intense and sometimes dramatic demonstrations of affection,   may be taken as a threat by the other person.


Note: Control your Sexual urges & Passion

Mercury, the planet of speech, making choices, communication, documents. In short, this configuration of planets  gives a sharp mind and tongue. This   may annoy the significations of Mercury, hence  increasing the level of verbal disagreement, disputes, verbal conflict as suppressed wrath and bitterness surfaces, bickering, disputes,  aggravation and annoyance. Please take note   Please rememebr overly direct speaking provokes hostility.

Note: Control your Tongue & Speech

 Message for the week:  Your alertness,  attentiveness , awareness  and eagerness to avoid any problems  can help you prevent issues.


Ravinder Grover


Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.   My understanding of astrology is completely based on the principles and practises of astrology, some of which were taught to me by the Sages and/or Astrologers of the highest degree. I provide my perspective to the field of astrology based only on these. These forecasts are provided only for the purpose of serving as a guide. Regarding the accuracy of my calculations and analyses, I make no assurance whatsoever. These forecasts are made in no way with the intention of being harmful to anybody. I specifically and unequivocally renounce any and all guarantees, whether they are explicit, implicit, or contingent, for the use of these forecasts, for the occurrence of any damage, loss of profit, or in any other way. There will be no responsibility of any kind incurred as a result of any notification or advice given by anybody.