Planets in a Tough Configuration – Waiting to Play Their Part


Aquarius sign is ruled by Saturn.  This sign has three Nakshatras, viz,

  • Dhanishtha (23-20 deg Capricorn to 6-40-20 deg Aquarius) ruled by Mars

  • Satabhisha (6-40-20 deg to 20 deg in Aquarius) ruled by Rahu.

  • Purvabhadra (20 deg Aquarius – 3-20 deg Pisces) ruled by Jupiter.

This is the sign associated with  intense ‘Karma and Sufferings’ as it is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu.   Saturn is said to be the natural planet for ‘Sorrow & Karma’ and Rahu for ‘Desires and Ambition’.   To my understanding, any planet transiting Aquarius is bound to give one or the other issues in life. 

Let me explore some possibilities what may happen with time frame as follows:


17 Jan 2023 – 15 Mar 2023:  In Rasi Sanghatta Chakra, there is Vedha between  Mars and  Saturn & Ketu

  • ‘Natural Calamities’ (Earthquakes, Fire, Accidents, Landslides, Water elements in action, floods, heavy storm, etc) on rise. Countries who have signs    Taurus, Libra or Aquarius  either   in  Kendra (Angles) (House 1,4,7 or 10)  are more prone to suffer

  • Stock market hiccups

  • 13 Feb 2023: Transit Sun will ingress Aquarius-Dhanishtha on 13 Feb 2023 and will join Saturn  I believe Sun would start feeling ‘uncomfortable’ there  as firstly it would be very close to Saturn-combust and secondly it would get Vedha from planets located in Taurus.

  • 25 Feb 2023 – 27 March 2023: Mars traverses Mrigashira Nakshatra.  As per Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra, Mrigashira gets Vedha from any planets in Chitra and Dhanishtha.    This configuration may cause Havoc, Natural Calamities, Earthquakes, Rebellious activities, Terror  Attacks, Protests,  etc

  • India (15 Aug 1947, 00:01:00 hours, New Delhi India): India has Taurus Lagna and Moon in in Cancer signs.  Taurus suffers Vedha from Libra and Aquarius in Sanghatta Chakra and Cancer suffers Vedha from Leo and Sagittarius.

  • Note: Whenever Lagna and Moon sign is afflicted in Transit or whenever there is Vedha to Lagna and Moon sign by Malefices in Sanghatta Chakra,”the health of the nation” suffers


3-4 Feb 2023: Sun Square Uranus

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Rebellious nature against Higher authorities and/or Government

  • Government would be targeted



4-5 Feb 2023: Venus Square Mars

  • You may easily get angry on people you care about

  • Control your passion and emotions w.r.t love and sex



30 Jan 2023 – 6 March 2023:  Saturn is Combust

  • The darker and depressing side of Saturn may engulf many, depending upon what area Saturn signifies in the personal Astrological chart.

  • Any planets in  that are associated to Aquarius in your  Astrology chart have the potential to bring karmic acrimony and suffering into your life

  • One may have to work harder to achieve objectives of life

  • Relationship with co-workers and bosses may get sour

  • ‘Immune system’ issues would pop up more frequently



10 Feb 2023: Mercury Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

  • Check everything before signing any contract

  • Prepare yourself for distressing reports to emerge on the television, in the newspapers, and on social media



13 Feb 2023 – 19 Feb 2023: Sun ingress Aquarius-Dhanishta, ruled by Saturn-Mars. 

  • This will be a difficult time especially for those who have Lagna, Moon or Sun in Leo signs

  • Health issues on rise


6 Feb 2023: Sun conjunct Saturn

  • Saturn may become positive for a day or two

  • Blood pressure may play up

  • To fulfil your tasks and commitments, you may need to put in a lot of effort, practise self-control, and exercise patience

  • Restructuring jobs for Higher officers and/or Ministers cannot be ruled out

  • Disappointments in Stock market


21-22 Feb 2023: Mercury Square Uranus

  • Communication and Documentation issues

  • Check travel plans, that may change all at sudden

  • Misunderstandings can lead to arguments

  • Documents may leak


19 Feb 2023 – 5 March 2023:  Sun traverses Aquarius-Satabhisha ruled by Saturn-Rahu

At Mundane Level:

  • Governments may fall from power or struggle to hold on to power

  • Ego issues will rise

  • Research in Medical Science, Technology and/or Space science

  • Political instability

  • Riots, Violence and Terror activities at rise

  • Natural Calamities (Earthquakes, Damage through Electricity or Lightning, Floods, etc)



At Personal Level:

  • Differences with Government, Higher Authorities, Father like figures cannot be ruled out

  • Health issues

  • Calculated deceptive activities in action

  • Be careful of deceptive natured people



24 Feb 2023 – 13 March 2023: Mars traverses through Taurus-Mrigashira ruled by Venus-Mars. Getting Vedha from Saturn and Ketu in Sanghatta Chakra

  • War, Terror activities, Earthquakes, Natural Calamities

  • Countries who have Taurus, Libra or Aquarius in Kendra (angles) in their country charts are more prone to the above activities

  • India has Taurus rising, hence some terror Activiti violence and/or war like scenario cannot be ruled out at borders



15 March 2023 – 27 Dec 2023: Transit Saturn traverses Aquarius -Satabhisha ruled by Saturn-Rahu

  • Devata/Deity for this lunar mansion is Varuna.  This Nakshatra is prone to violence, confusion, harshness, and actions that do not  show any emotion.

  • The term “Shatabhisha” refers to various things, including but not limited to closely guarded secrets, calculated deception, suspicions, intense occult, coldness, deep healing, rigours movements, rapid evolution, tight boundaries, strict in closures, an infinite capacity to hold and protect, contained liquids, potential energy, potent medicines, complete dissolution, and so on.

  • Economic system may go through overhauling

  • Financial/Stock Market scams and/or suffering cannot be ruled out  

  • Fake Religious leaders, Gurus or religious trouble makers are either   exposed  or their activities come on surface

  • Riots to hide the truth  by Muslims or Christians or Terrorists



On Cautious  Note:


21 Feb 2023: – 31 Oct 2023:  Rahu ingress Ashwini Nakshatra ruled by Ketu  on 21 Feb 2023. At the same time Ketu would be in Swati Nakshatra ruled by Rahu. An exchange of Nakshatras is nearly always exceedingly difficult for the ‘Karmic Wheel’.    Though Rahu would move out of Ashwini Nakshatra on 31 Oct 2023 but its affect may carry on for an extra month, reason being two types of calculations are done for node, Rahu-Ketu.   Some adapt Mean Rahu-Ketu and some adapt real position of Rahu-Ketu.   If I calculate real position of Rahu-Ketu then the affects may carry  one till end 27 November 2023


8 April 2023:  Solar Eclipse at  5-39 deg Aries   in Ashwini Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. This area would get activated around  16 May 2023, possibly some ‘Wise Advice’ from Spiritual orientated person  may help to control ‘Financial instability’ and ‘Stock market’ , but for a while


22 Apr 2023:  To my understanding, Jupiter would move into Aries on  this very day, 22 April 2023.   We  would have Rahu already there and Saturn would be throwing its 3rd aspect to Aries from Aquarius. This is the trademark for ‘Financial Ruin’ and/or Deceptive Activities’, that  may come on surface. Intriguingly, this may lead to advancements in the digital, medical, and invention fields. Maybe there’s a new drug out there and/or related to AI (artificial intelligence)


27 May 2023: Jupiter would conjuncts Rahu in Aries  and this is a signature of ‘Bankruptcy’ and ‘Deception’.  Believe me, this is likely to bring the more fundamental concerns surrounding this to the attention of the Globe. We  may get through this difficult time , but there is a possibility that it may become a greater issue in 2024.  A lot of ‘Deceptive’incidents would emerge


20 June 2023: Saturn-R (13-09 deg in Aquarius  would exactly aspect Jupiter (13-09 deg in Aries).

  • This could bring challenges to ‘Liver & Pancreas’ related diseases

  • Economic/Financial  system may go through overhauling




Ravinder Grover


Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.   My understanding of astrology is completely based on the principles and practises of astrology, some of which were taught to me by the Sages and/or Astrologers of the highest degree. I provide my perspective to the field of astrology based only on these. These forecasts are provided only for the purpose of serving as a guide. Regarding the accuracy of my calculations and analyses, I make no assurance whatsoever. These forecasts are made in no way with the intention of being harmful to anybody. I specifically and unequivocally renounce any and all guarantees, whether they are explicit, implicit, or contingent, for the use of these forecasts, for the occurrence of any damage, loss of profit, or in any other way. There will be no responsibility of any kind incurred as a result of any notification or advice given by anybody.