Jupiter is shifting Gears tonight to propel you even Higher

“Self-realization is the knowing — in body, mind, and soul —

that we are one with the omnipresence of God;

that we do not have to pray that it comes to us, that we are not merely near it at all times,

but that God’s omnipresence is our omnipresence;

that we are just as much a part of Him now as we ever will be.

All we have to do is improve our knowing”

      — Sri Paramahansa Yogananda



Since 29 July 2022, Jupiter has been in Retrograde (Reverse or Backward) motion.  Jupiter is in Pisces, Uttarabhadra Nakshatra, as of today, 24 November  2022.

He has suddenly STOPPED travelling backwards and is now in standstill mode. It’s similar to when you reverse your automobile (in ‘R’ gear) and have to STOP before changing gears to travel forwards (in ‘D’ gear). You can STOP here for a few seconds. Similarly, Jupiter became motionless this morning at 7AM NZDT and will remain stationary until 7 PM NZDT, when it will begin moving ahead (Directly).

Pisces is a spiritual sign, this is a wonderful time for meditation retreats and in-depth explorations of the infinite.  Jupiter is exceptionally bright in the sky right now since he is the closest he has been to Earth since 1975. He has the potential to deliver the Divine benefits of God, Guru, and Saints with incredible Grace.

Jupiter’s signification will begin to improve from tonight, and it will start moving towards its full potential from 15 February 2023. On this date, Jupiter will return to the place from whence it began moving backwards on 29 July 29 2022.  Jupiter’s general significations include expansion, an engine of achievement and success, money, the way to wisdom and greater knowledge, faith, devotion, children and a husband (if devoted to God’s work)  and Godly deeds.      In customised Astrology charts, it may add on and/or alter a few additional factors than what is shown in the standard charts. People whose health problems are tied to the Kapha element might start seeing improvements as well.

On 26 February 2023, Jupiter will ingress Revati Nakshatra, which is ruled by Pushan (the God of Roads, Divine Shepherd) with Satwick Gunas.  Jupiter would remain there until 22 April  2023.  What could be the role of the Divine Shephard? To guide you towards Higher consciousness.  Jupiter in this Nakshatra has the power to transport us to the afterlife or enlightenment, as well as to unite us with the Divine.

People who have Jupiter and Venus in their astrological charts together, or any other favourable configuration, have the potential to achieve great success in their endeavours if they receive the appropriate direction from those who also have this beneficent and supporting combination in their charts. When it comes to such individuals, “the sky is the limit” in terms of how high they can ascend.

It is likely, for those   in the spiritual path, if they put a little bit of effort  in next  few years starting from 26 February 2023, may become Awakened.  In fact, the  Jupiter’s energy in Revati Nakshatra, coupled with Jupiter’s closeness to Saturn for the first time in 47 years, can behave like a catalyst to give highly sought after  

Chanting of Ganesha Mantra “Om Sankatahara Ganapati  Namaha”  related with Revati Nakshatra would be the added advantage.  The Sankatahara Ganapati incarnation of Lord Ganesha is the last of his 32 incarnations. The name Sankatahara, given to the lord, literally translates to “Dispeller of all Sufferings”.

We have almost arrived at a fruitful time for those individuals who are looking to put in a little bit of work in order to achieve enormous accomplishment.


Ravinder Grover


Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.   My understanding of astrology is completely based on the principles and practises of astrology, some of which were taught to me by the Sages and/or Astrologers of the highest degree. I provide my perspective to the field of astrology based only on these. These forecasts are provided only for the purpose of serving as a guide. Regarding the accuracy of my calculations and analyses, I make no assurance whatsoever. These forecasts are made in no way with the intention of being harmful to anybody. I specifically and unequivocally renounce any and all guarantees, whether they are explicit, implicit, or contingent, for the use of these forecasts, for the occurrence of any damage, loss of profit, or in any other way. There will be no responsibility of any kind incurred as a result of any notification or advice given by anybody.