History: Arnab Goswami, one of India’s top news anchors, (Editor in Chief of Republic Network) has been arrested in connection with an abetment to suicide case on 4 November 2020.

Someone, who seems to be very disturbed with this, has sent me a request with a question “What would happen to Arnab Goswami” without any birth details.

I would like to make an attempt to answer this question in a nutshell without any birth data.

Please Note: This is the short research based article and all calculations are based on the question asked by someone online without providing any natal birth data or for that matter any or horary details

I have constructed the time chart to see what seems to lie ahead of Mr Arnab Goswami (Editor in Chief of Republic Network).

Astrological Chart constructed on Date: 9 Nov 2020,  9:03:13 hours, NZDST, Auckland, New Zealand 

Brief Analysis:

  1. Rising sign/Lagna/Ascendant for the question is at Sagittarius, R(9) 8-41 deg, controlled by Jupiter, Ketu and Jupiter
  2. What does Jupiter signify?   
  • Jupiter signifiers houses (11,1,10,1-2-5). ‘This combination, to my knowledge, gives ‘Name & Fame’. Let me put on record, Arnab Goswami would get unprecedented ‘Name and Fame’ but with a lot of stress, tension, humiliation, obstacles and insults.
  • What about his Longevity?  Houses 1 and 8 signify Good life span from today onwards. So, one need not worry about his longevity
  • Transit Moon is just about come out of 8th house of the chart, indicating He had indeed been under stress and humiliation since last 2.5 day
  • Jupiter is so close to Pluto   indicating His life seems to be under threat from ‘Underworld, Goons and Mafia till 23 November 2020  
  • Arnab Goswami would get ‘Inner and Emotional Strength’ as soon Moon moves out of the 8th house on 9 Nov 2020, 13:30 hours (NZDST) 
  • This entire episode/drama may continue repeatedly   and may cost Arnab and/or Republic TV Heavy expenses
  • 19 May 2018 – 5 Dec 2020:  This is the MOST challenging and critical time for Arnab Goswami. HE may be charged fraudulently, falsely and by manipulation.   I will not be surprised, if he is charged for embezzlement of ‘funds, information and news’ too. This period promotes   arrest, ‘house arrest’, legal & court matters, hospitals, imprisonment, confinement and jail
  • 5 Dec 2020 – 12 Mar 2023:  Arnab Goswami will get tremendous amount of ‘Name & Fame’
  • Any Bail?   Houses 3,9,11 play vital role in getting Bail.

As per KP Rule, bail is a sort of application being forwarded in front of the judge, the prime cusps are 3rd and 9th. As 11th house is for fulfilment of desire, it must connect to both the houses 3rd and 9th for favourable judgement. 11th house is not an independent house; it is cross checked to confirm the matters of the prime cusp.

In this case, CSL(3) is Venus which signifies (9,10,9,6), NOT signifying C(11) directly but indirectly.   How? CSL(9 and 11) is Sun which signifies (11), Sun is Sun in House 10  but almost at cusp(11) and will cross the C(11) within a day and Transit Moon will also move to Cancer sign controlled by Moon, Merc and Jupiter.  Though the rule does NOT show immediate bail but as per my experience I believe overall combination indicates ‘Success in Bail application very soon, possible within a day or two

  • 20 Nov 2020- 6 April 2020:  Especially   more strongly till 8 Dec 2020.  To my further   observation I find  Arnab Goswami would continue to face more challenges during this period as ‘Justice system and Ethics’ would fall worldwide.
  • 15 Sep 2021 – 21 Nov 2021: Arnab Goswami may face some more challenges

Note: If time permits, I will write more after finding Arnab Goswami’s birth details


Ravinder Grover