Effects of Solar Eclipse (25 Oct 2022), Lunar Eclipse (8 Nov 2022) and  Mars Retrograde (30 Oct 2022 – 12 Jan 2023)


After the Solar Eclipse of 25 Oct 2022, there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on 8 Nov 2022.  


Eclipses have the power to awaken the characteristics associated with the Nakshatra in which they occur. This is because eclipses are associated with the Moon. Eclipses may have either a beneficial or negative impact, but they almost always have a disruptive effect on the nakshatra’s significations. This is due to the Moon moving in front of the Sun, which causes eclipses. They have an equal degree of effect on the Astrological sign and House in which they are positioned, in addition to any other planets in the chart with whom they may be conjunct.

Eclipses cause Personal and Global Events. Eclipses are indicators of Changes Coming in the near future (next few  months). To my limited experience, sometimes the effect of Eclipse start coming even before the actual Eclipse occurred. I am expecting similar incidences due to this Eclipse too.


In Personal Level, the eclipses become of relevance to a person when they occur over the Nakshatra of Natal Lagna or Moon. This eclipse is especially troublesome for people with the Rising sign (Lagna, Ascendant) or Moon in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra Scorpio and Pisces.  I believe,  Libra rising or Moon in Libra may be most affected.   

In Mundane Astrology, a Complete Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Wars might bring about a great deal of complexity and escalation. If we add to it the fact that Mars has recently stationed retrograde and is acting similarly to Rahu, it’s possible that we will experience a lot of extremes around this time.


Putting in bullet points and in simple words,

  1. 25 Oct 2022: On this very day, Solar Eclipse occurred in Libra sign, Swati Nakshatra with Venus at Eclipse Point, and this area is also ruled by Venus and Rahu. Here sign Libra and Venus got totally contaminated here, Venus is also Combust and hence its vital energy is lost

  1. 8 Nov 2022: This Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on 8 Nov 2022 with Moon at 21-50 degrees of Aries (ruled by Mars) in Bharani Nakshatra (ruled by Venus) just 1 degree away from Uranus. Here sign Aries, Mars, Venus, and Uranus would get contaminated

  1. Signs Aries and Libra,  Nakshatra Swati and Bharani, Planets Mars, Venus and Uranus are all highly contaminated due to Solar and Lunar    On top of that Mars Retrograde motion, being close to Uranus can cause Havoc in the world as well as in personal life



  1. 30 Oct 2022 – 13 Jan 2023: Mars in Retrogradation, starting from 1–26-degree Gemini, Mrigashira Nakshatra; ruled by Mercury and Mars. Retro Mars in Gemini, (the sign of communication, arms and hands, respiration, lung) can give the followings:  

    • Gossiping as an indirect technique of coping with anger & frustration due to lack of understanding

    • Your possessiveness and harsh words may hurt your relationships with others

    • Potential to bring your Ex-lovers and Enemies back on your way

    • Easy to communicate in a passive-aggressive way

    • Lack of mental and intellectual initiative

    • Prone to accidents

    • Health issues related with arms and hands, respiration, and lungs

  1. 13 Nov 2022 – 13 Jan 2023: Retro Mars would ingress Taurus, Mrigashira Nakshatra; ruled by Venus and Mars-R. From this to my understanding, we would see Mars’s close to WORST behaviour.   Attributes of Venus, Mars and Uranus would suffer immensely.   Watch out, your possessiveness and harsh words may hurt your relationships.


  1. In simple words:

  • Aries: the Fire sign, ruled by Red Planet Mars and connected with ‘Impulsiveness, Action, Fire and Wars’  

  • Taurus: the Earth sign,  ruled by Venus and  connected with all things ‘Grounded, Material, Finance, and Solid’   

  • Mars: signifies ‘Fire, Sex, Passion, Drive, Action, Aggression, Determination’

  • Uranus: the planet of ‘Independence, Technology, Innovation, Revolutions, Riots, Sudden Blows and events related with freedom, and disruption’.  Uranus often demonstrates behaviour that is ‘Abrupt and Unexpected’. Uranus is often referred to as the “Planet of Surprises”

  • Venus:  the planet that governs ‘Finance, Relationships, Agreements, Pleasures, Direction, Diplomacy, Auto Industry, Entertainment Industry, Love & Sex,   Cosmetic Industry, Music Industry’ and Celebrities”  will be “Behaving Badly” which will led to an increase in Egotism, Discord, and Confusion, as well as difficulties with money Many would face Relationship issues, Unexpected Romance, an Infatuation like scenarios would rise worldwide


The following are some helpful hints for navigating this movement:

  • This is a great time to look back at our mistakes and figure out how to stop doing the same things repeatedly. During this time, it’s important to use your energy in the right way. Don’t make decisions too quickly. Instead, use this time to relax and calm down.

  • Mars is a fiery planet. Stay hydrated and adequately moisturize yourself if you notice dryness in your body due to a lack of water.

  • Applying Chandan on your forehead may calm your nerves


  • 5 Dec 2022:   Mars would move in Rohini Nakshatra within Taurus, ruled by Venus and Moon. Here signification of Venus and Moon would also suffer. Moon controls state of Mind, water bodies, Mother like figures,  fluid in the body and Domestic and Home Harmony – all would be affected

  • It is important to keep an eye on the house in your natal chart where Taurus appears. During the months of November, December, and January, you should expect this aspect of your life to experience more stress than normal.

Watch out:

  • Let me explain further, Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by Venus. Its Deity is ‘Yamaraja’ (‘God of Death’), also known as the ‘Dharamraja’ (‘Lord of Justice’), hence we may say that the Justice will boil over. Bharani Nakshatra brings self-control and restraint as well as death like transformations   

  • Saturn (the planet of Delay, Karma and Structure)  will square Moon close to the Eclipse Point 21-50 deg Aries and this can ‘shock and unnerve people’.

  • Saturn would also throw its 10th aspect to Venus (the planet of Love &  Finance) where Solar Eclipse happened on 25 Oct 2022, raising the risk of ‘GLOBAL RECESSION’

  • Moon plus Uranus combination has the potential to ‘TENSION AND UNCERTAINTY’

  • 13 March 29023: Mars would ingress Gemini.  At this juncture Mars would have reviewed and fixed what it is supposed to do 

  • 16 March 2023: Mars would come back to the place from it started its retrograde motion on 30 Oct 2023, things may start stabilizing after making necessary chanegs



Here are Brief effects of the Lunar Eclipse in Bullet points for the month of November 2022: 

  1. 1-17 Nov 2022: significant surprises and shake-ups

    • Major disruptions and changes in the world

    • Unexpected incidents are on the cards

    • Challenging Structural changes in the world, within the countries, in organizations, in companies and in personal life are expected

    • Constraints or obstacles regarding finances, partnerships and relationships


  1. Around 5 Nov 2022:

  • Need to be careful as this all about making sudden and necessary changes in life

  • Some changes/challenges in current relationship cannot be ruled out

  • Unexpected bills and/or purchases may arise

  • Relationships may end abruptly or begin something fresh and exciting

  • You may meet a crazy person who adores and loves you   a lot

  • Unplanned shopping can give huge bills

  • Those who have  Risings Sign, Sun or Moon either in Aries or  Libra would be most effected


  1. Around 7 Nov 2022:

  • You might have trouble in relationships due to Finances and/or because incidents that took place out of the blue between 2-8 Nov 2022

  • You may feel depressed. Remember Life is a challenge and you must accept it, do not give up

  • Relationships may end abruptly or begin something fresh and exciting


  1. Around 9 Nov 2022:

  • Time to introspect your life

  • Effective Communication may yield some good results

  • Some disruptive messages may trouble you

  • All at sudden, some bigger events may start unfolding in your life

  • Rebellious activities such as Terror attack, Accidents, sudden explosions are on cards

  • Career and/or workload issues

  • Lack of confidence may yield in low morale

  • Some changes/challenges in current relationship cannot be ruled out

  • Unexpected Romance, an Infatuation with someone you never thought of


  1. Around 12 Nov 2022:

  • Finance and relationship issues

  • Vehicle and Entertainment industry suffers


  1. Around 14 Nov 2022:

  • Hidden and Deceitful actions may come on surface


  1. Around 22 Nov 2022:

  • New partnership and/or relationship and/or romance is on cards

  • Hidden agendas may pop up

  • Circumstances in life would start taking a turn for the better


My humble request, please take extreme precautions when Mars is in Retrograde motion especially  between 13 Nov 2022  to 12 Jan 2023


Kind regards 

Ravinder Grover

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.   My understanding of astrology is completely based on the principles and practises of astrology, some of which were taught to me by the Sages and/or Astrologers of the highest degree. I provide my perspective to the field of astrology based only on these. These forecasts are provided only for the purpose of serving as a guide. Regarding the accuracy of my calculations and analyses, I make no assurance whatsoever. These forecasts are made in no way with the intention of being harmful to anybody. I specifically and unequivocally renounce any and all guarantees, whether they are explicit, implicit, or contingent, for the use of these forecasts, for the occurrence of any damage, loss of profit, or in any other way. There will be no responsibility of any kind incurred as a result of any notification or advice given by anybody.